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ok, so i got this to work on ipod 3g only with win 7, i only need to restore and done, but now i cant use firewire, and on ipod first gen i cant put it to work, does anyone know what to edit on hex to ipod 1 work? sorry the bad english

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I'm trying to get a 128GB IDE SSD to work in it, but I'm having no luck, no matter what I do.  Getting 1429 restore error in Mac, and Windows won't recognize it.  I've tried a firewire and USB cable.  Really frustrating.

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trie carbon copy cloner and clone the old hd to the new ssd

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Originally Posted by cadillake View Post

trie carbon copy cloner and clone the old hd to the new ssd

That's a good idea.  Do you think I'll need enclosures for both of the drives that plug directly into USB?  Or can I do it while the drives are installed in the iPods?


Edit: I'm going to get two of these, to make transferring the files easy whether I'm working with 3rd gen, 4th gen, or 5th gen iPods.


Also, instead of buying CCC, do you think I can just use dd if=/old/drive of=/new/drive to move the contents?  I'm guessing that will work just fine...

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yes you can do that terminal line, but i got erros on being use, but, dont spend money on this, me 3g only works wen restarted -- i used kingsotn CF 266, i rely dont encorage this mod, if you want do it with  a mini, i did and worked like 80% ok ;)

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I run a business refurbishing old iPods and adding the diyMod - I call them retroMods, since my business is called RetroSonicFidelity.  So I've been looking for a way to get flash storage into the 3G iPods, but I'll likely just end up getting some large capacity 1.8" hard disk drives.


I've tried the KingSpec 1.8" SSD, a TopRam CF that works in the mini, and some KomputerBay CF cards as well, since they're the only cards <= $1 / GB.  I don't want to spend much more than that, and the only other route is going HDD for the 3G iPods.


Anyhow, I'm still going to try to 'dd' one of the working 3G hard drives onto one of the flash drives I have laying around to see if I can make it work.  Otherwise, my 3G line will just include hard drives.


Thanks for the info!

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unfortunately the best option is Hard Drives, CF is just for mini´s, this is me opinion of me frustration on put it to work, is constant crashing with 32gb cf

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I bought two 50-pin IDE to USB adapters and plugged one into an original iPod 3G hard drive w/software still installed, and I plugged the other one into the 128GB KingSpec 50-pin SSD, and I did a Disk Utility restore from the iPod HDD to the KingSpec SSD.  They then both showed up as the same device on my desktop, but when I plugged the KingSpec into the iPod, it gave me the bad hard drive (folder) icon.  I reset it, and still, no dice.


I've settled on buying a batch of 80GB 50-pin IDE hard drives for my retroMod audiophile iPod 3G's, since the new metal housings I acquired are for the 40GB models, so they should accommodate an 80GB drive just fine.  I'm looking forward to actually finishing this batch, so I can see what a revitalized iPod 3G really looks like!

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Try to format the ssd on win, it may work wink.gif
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inside of the ipod 3g ofcourse

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I tried using a 60GB HDD from Amazon, and I can't get it to work in the 3G while attempting a restore in 10.8. I'll try again in Windows when I charge the battery. Strange though that the HDD wouldn't work in an iPod built for OSX...
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what CF did you use?

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It's an actual hard drive - this one.  Works fine when I plug it into a USB adapter and view it / format it in OSX, but it won't work in any of the 6 iPod 3G's I have laying around...

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wont show ipod to restore on itunes?

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It does, but I get a 1429 error every time I try to restore.  Only tried in Mac - I haven't tried in Windows yet.  I'm trying with a FireWire 800 to 30-pin cable.

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