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Feedback for my sales/purchases.
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It is my pleasure to leave the first feedback for Chu. I bought his ATH-CM7Tis. It was a very smooth transaction. He was very easy to communicate with. The phones were carefully packed, and the shipment was fast. I would like to recommend him as a great head-fier to do business with.
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I bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-EW9 from him. Fast and easy transaction with very fast shipping. Would easily recommend.
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I purchased a pair of shure e2c's from coolchu001. Great easy transaction, fast shipment and great communication!!! A true pleasure.
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I bought a pair of CM7 SV from coolchu001. Communication is excellent. Shipping was fast and the earphones came well packed and new as described. To my ears, they do sound better than my sony mdr-e888! Will do business with this head-fier again.
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B&O A8

I bought a pair of headphones from Coolchu 001. He did a very fine job in every respect. Product was as described and packing and shipping were excellent...a perfect effortless transaction with Chu . He is just a a very nice guy to have as a trading partner!
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I bought a pair of recabled and repainted KSC-75's from Chu. The phones were in perfect shape and were shipped out quickly. Chu did very nice work on these phones. Would definately buy from Chu again.
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I bought ATH-EM9r's from Chu.
Excellent communication throughout and careful packing.
Happy to recommend and deal with again.
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I sold a pair of Grado SR 80s to coolchu001. Very fast payment, easy to work with. Thanks again!
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Chu did me right with a pair of SR80s he bought and recabled from another Head-Fier. (see above) Recable job is very nice, and I was wearing these cans about 48 hours after I sent payment. Very pleased with this purchase and Chu's workmanship.

Edit: turns out after a couple of days of normal use the solder didn't hold as the left channel met the plug. I emailed Chu about it and immediately he gave me the choice of a full refund or he would fix it and send it back, paying for shipping both ways. This was totally outstanding on his part and I took the refund only because I was getting the SR80s just as a test run for higher-end Grados. So overall I have to say I had an overwhelmingly positive experience buying from Chu and he's a really stand-up guy if something goes wrong.
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i recently purchased a set of sony ex700 from chu. great communication throughout the transaction and he shipped them quickly and were received within a few days. he's an asset to head-fi. i would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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Purchased Denon D2000 from Chu. Great experience all around. Fast turn around.
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I bought ES7 from Chu for my friend, good communication, fast shipping, I can only recomend him.
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Bought a recabled Grado SR-80 from Chu. Great guy to deal with. He shipped quickly and packaged them very well. Headphones arrived exactly as described.
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Chu bought my Sennheiser HD650s. Prompt payment and great communications. I'm glad my Senns went to a good home. Enjoy!

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