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Portable Amp suggestion for AKG K 271 Studio Please

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I have a p2v2 but it is not cutting it for my AKG K 271 Studio / ipod combo. Could you please suggest portable amps at the $100, $200 & $300 price points. Thanks.
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While I'm not a fan of k271s - I did own a pair for aprox a year. They worked very well with a maxxed Portaphile (in my setup run from an Elpac). It particularly helped the k271 otherwise poor bass performance. A good combo.
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same boat here. Im trying to make my k271s my main office cans, and my go-vibe petite really aint cutting it. I have no funds for pico or predator level, so im eyeing headsix or mini3 as amp for the 271s. Will these two amps cut it?
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Was out friday listening to a few cans, among them akg 701/601/518.
I was using a Nano with the Ibasso D2 Boa.
No line-out dock yet, but on its way.
Had to pull the volume knob on the boa to around 2 o'clock to go my normal listening level. If I twisted it to max power it was uncomfortably high.
And, damn, those 701 sounded good. My wallet is shivering now....
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"cut it" in terms of what? The headphones are rolled off on both ends.

I don't find the K271S difficult to drive with any of my amps, portable or not.

The K271S seems to do better with a typical tube sound, with the fullness of the mids to lower-mids. It's still a bass-shy headphone, and it's still soft in the upper treble regions. That's just the characteristic of the headphone.
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.......and that's why I suggested the Portaphile - with its' punchy bass!
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isn't the p2v2 a portaphile (V2^2), as in what the OP has?
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If you want thumping bass over everything else why not get something like the D2000s or a closed Beyer? To me the 271S sounds just fine with a mini3 performance version. If you don't really like the HP get something else more in line with your tastes.
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No. The O.P. is referring to pa2v2, which IIRC normally sold for aprox $70 and is on the order of a GoVibe5, CMoy, and others in the below $100 price class. It's builder was Gary (sorry, forget last name) and often sold on eBay these days......there is a whole world of difference between that amp., and the Portaphile that I suggested.
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The RSA Hornet on low/med drives my k271s quite nicely....I have the SAA Equinox aftermarket cable for the k271s and I love it. I still would like to get the velour cushions though...haven't had a chance to pick em up yet though.
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