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AdamZuf (and others)

I get to Israel every few months and hope to come in late January for a few weeks, hopefully more permanently this summer.

Let me know if anything is planned. I would love to get more familiar with the high-end audio scene in Israel in general.


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Adam has said that he'll be gone by the winter (have you left already, Adam?). I've already booked my flight for early January so I'll be around for most of January and all of February. The draft is in early March (supposedly) and I likely won't have time for an audio meet during boot camp.
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Let me know where you'll be in late January, and you have my very sincere admiration for entering the army. I'd do it myself if I weren't too old and in positively mediocre shape.
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Hey Bob,

Thanks for the kind words -- I appreciate it.

I'll be in ulpan (Ulpan Akiva) in Netanya, though I believe they'll be putting us up somewhere in Tel Aviv (possibly??) as they apparently gave use of the campus to the IDF during the winter session. The ulpan runs from Jan. 12th through Feb. 4th, so I'll be around there. I'll have access to Head-Fi and e-mail from there, so send me one when you get to Ha'aretz.

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Excellent - btw I was in Netanya for the first time a month or so ago. Beautiful town, albeit a tad warm in the summer.
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I'm now in Israel staying with my cousin in Ramat Gan (right next to Tel Aviv). My Ulpan will begin on Monday, Jan. 12th in Netanya so I'll basically be on the coast all the time as I'll likely visit my cousin on some weekends. After Feb. 4th I'll be living with my cousin again and will likely have a lot of free time on my hands though I hope to start some personal training before the draft.

I can be reached by e-mail at dan_gross_2001[at]buacademy[dot]org but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check in at Head-Fi. My equipment here is very limited -- I've only got my portable CD player (Sony D-EJ01) inside the Headroom Airbag along with all my CDs and an Etymotic ER-4S (no extra tips), Koss KSC-35, and Grado SR-80. Still, it'd be fun to meet up! I've got a great new digital camera to take pictures with now.
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+1 HeadFi Meet in Israel!

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Ditto my comment in the other thread - except that in this case, it's 9 years:




Sorry to be a put-down, but you might as well try to organize the meet yourself rather than try to get interest brewing from a thread that's 6 years old.

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