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I guess, =( we don't really have a spot to host it. Hopefully something will come up
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Do the public libraries still let you rent the meeting rooms for free? What part of town would be best for all of you ?
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Meeting Rooms

Looks like we can get the room for 25 dollars, we have to come up with a name and POC for the "club".
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I could go anywhere. Is anyone still planning this?
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When would be a good time for everyone?

Weekday in the evening after work?
Weekend- day or night?
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Hopefully this would pan out this time.
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I wonder if this could get organized in two weeks or so...

Would be thrilled to hear some better gear than I have now.

Unfortunatly, I can't help much at all, since I'm a bit far off.

Anyway, I'm interested if it comes the second week of October. I may be able to come, but don't plan for it. I won't be able to bring any gear worth listening to either, so really I'll be just there to listen.

Best of luck to all of you.
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bump... any updates?
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I live in town and I can bring an AKG K240, MrSpeaker's MadDog 3.2, and brownies.


I'm not sure if anyone in this thread still lurks but I'm dying to hear some Mid-Fi or Hi-er.


Now, three more posts till I get to edit my profile.

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cool to see if folks still alive and listening....

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