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The idea of outside listening is nice, but the smoke, salty air, idea of rain, and etc. Presents itself as a string of threats. Plus we'll need a power supply.

Ranma, maybe we'll wait and see if your parents are cool with it and we'll host it there. Who knows maybe we'll grill at your place.
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Anyone on the big island? Hilo even?
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A while back, we went to look inside the house we bought. Currently there's college students living in it and we're waiting for their contract to expire. When we visited though, there was one guy who had the Grado SR-225, some Stax headphones I couldn't identify, and a Sansui rack with a Sansui turntable, FM tuner, and amplifier with dedicated power supply. I was just wondering if that person posts on these forums?
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anyone interested in listening to some LP? I've just got some records for free. I may bring my LP rig (revox b795 and a grado amp) if this interests anyone.
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I could also host the event. I have hosted 2 events in the past and have had a lot of fun getting together with fellow music lovers.

Perhaps Saturday, July 5th at 1300? If not that weekend, I will have to forgo the the event unless we had it some time in early August.

I can also provide a Cambridge Audio 840C CDP and a VPI Scout turntable for sources. We will have to make certain that, in addition to amps and headphones, we have enough sources present to play all our music.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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Oh wow, thanks 4N6. Ok it'll be hosted at his house. For items, I can only bring an iPod 4th gen and maybe the ksc75 and marshmallows if they arrive in time in the mail.

Is everyone okay with July 5th, at 1300(1:00p.m.)?

CBW are you able to make it on this date? If not we'll try to host it earlier? Well if it's possible for 4N6.

Once again, thank you, everyone for your input/interest. If there are any discrepancies or scheduling problems please post it within this thread or PM me.
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How long will the event last?

I will be moving house on that weekend and my parents will expect me to help out, but if I tell them a beginning and end time, I should be able to make it.
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My apologies, but due to work commitments, I will be unable to host the event on the 2nd of August. Hopefully someone will be able to step up to the plate and host the event.
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Sweet, since you have a CA 840C already I wont have to lug mine I just bought a Cary 306 SACD though but don't think it will get here in time Also new 7N7 tubes for my Supra but doubt they will get here in time too lol. Also I'll bring my K501. I was planning on selling it but if someone likes it then we can work a deal out or something. For IEM lovers I better remember to get my Q-Jays from the gf
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See above. Sorry I can't host the meet.
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Thanks a lot 4N6, this should work with CBW's schedule as well. Thanks for hosting the meet at your house.

If you guys don't mind, can someone bring iPod interconnects. Because I don't have any interconnects.

Once again, thanks everyone for participating. I'll try to get a camera to document the occasion. It should be a fun event.
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I'm hoping to make it. Thanks again 4n6 for hosting the event. I'll be sure to bring some gear as well

Ricey20, do you think you could bring your 840C? It would be great to have another good source at the meet. I'm going to bring my 840C if I can make it as well
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Looks like its gonna be a great meet guys! Don't know if I can make it but if I can, I have a bunch of nice cables that you guys could use along with my regular gear. I don't suppose anyone knows how to repair tube gear though?
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Thanks 4N6 for hosting the meet.

Early Aug should be fine with me. I think I'll bring a digital camera, a Labtop, Corda Opera, Philips CD 880, Revox B795, AKG K240DF, Grado RA1 (battery), Grado GS1000.
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I'll bring the booze heinies.

I mean Heineken
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