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good stuff
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Does anyone know a site that has good deals on box sets and such? I've used CD Universe quite a few times - I'm extremely pleased with them but some of their sets (The Beatles Complete Box Set) are just insanely expensive. Other than that, can't complain too much.
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There was no "Yep Roc" though it retrieved. It introduces it here.
Yep Roc Records > Home

Nick Lowe has put out the album from this label.

There was Podcast that had been renewed every month, too.
It is not updated and it is regrettable.

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The Stereophile Store isn't mentioned:
The Stereophile Store
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newburycomics.com - Home - Vinyl LPs, Autographed CD Booklets, Rock Posters, Exclusive Toys

This one probably hasn't been mentioned. Newbury Comics is an awesome music store chain in the Boston area.
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There is also hmv.co.jp for Japanese releases. They do ship fairly fast, but I found their customer support severely lacking, and their web interface is pretty bad.
However, they do occasionally have multiple-cd deals that bring their prices below stores like yesasia if you buy 4 or more CDs at one time.
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Heads up, CM Distro (Century Media) has a holiday sale:

A lot of CD's are below $10!
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I'm a big fan of Aquarius Records. Also, for metal enthusiasts, Transcendental Creations and Nuclear War Now are both really great.
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thanks for sharing...
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Thanks a lot nanahachi for sharing such a wonderful big list with so much details, it shows that you're a big music lover, well i use to follow up CDBaby : Discover Music sometimes to scour some classical musics in it.
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Hey all, i am new for this kindda stuff.
i have new m3 cards, i want to store ma playlist on these kind of
websites as well as update it from same. Can i share it!! If,ya then please
suggest me steps, how can i do??
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my favorites: Trackitdown and Junodownload.
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Great Source for underground electronic music. Lots of genres from Downtempo to Glitch Hop to Ragga and Ambient. 






Various Formats:




Decent prices, but for all online music store purposes, they need to come down. This isnt just Addictech, but all sites should have cheaper single tracks. Discounts are offered on albums.

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