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Well...I will try to focus on the strenght of d777 to my 5 years old panasonic sl-s651.... emmm.. might be a good choice.
Anyone of you heard of sony D-465? Any comment?
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Back in '98 I compared the d777 to the Panasonic SL-SX500 with it's die-cast alluminum lid and 40 seconds of anti-shock. At the time, I was travelling extensively on business and I opted for the Panasonic. That puppy has cranked literally thousands of hours and has never missed a beat. It's been used, abused and generally thrown around. Have never had a problem and I have to say I am completely satisfied with the overall performance. They probably don't make that specific model anymore, but I'm sure that SL-SX series still exists. I'd be interested to know what, if any reputation the SL-SX500 has around here.
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You be surprised to know that I also have the sx-500. This baby weigh a lb at least. The sx500 sound very similar to my 651 with a bit stronge in bass, but lack the clarity of 651. If I am remember correctly, the 651 was top of the line in 97 and 500 was the top of 98.
I will see whether my veteran panasonic players will beat the best of sony, D777 or not. I am not sure whether which will be better, I am really feel intrigue. Wait one week and they will all speak for themself.
By the way, I got my Sony 465 today, and it sounds good but not as good as my 651. However, Grado Sr-80 make any pcdp sound good to me. What do u think?
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Headroom has been recommending the Panasonic SLC CT580 for a while now. Not sure if that one just works well with their amps, if they have a room full of them or what. It's funny because in the old headroom website they had a review section which is now no longer available. Any thoughts on the ct580? btw, I think sr80's really need an amp, although they're pretty damn sweet without one.
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I have heard that the newer panasonics also suffer from a weak headphone amp. I don't think the newer panasonic will sound as good as the older one. For instance, I have the EJ01 and 925 and they sound absolutly horrible. They suffer from muddy bass and lack in clarity. Very dark presentation to me.
Do u think the D777 is really worth it for me. I've been through more than 8 pcdp and....I really want to find the best one. By the the sound quality of the ej01 is not as good as the panasonic's.
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You can find some comments about the SLC CT-580 from Todd, the salesperson from Headroom, at www.epinions.com. Its pretty funny to read his comments.

I think its worth buying the D777 if you are desperate for a good CD player. Even though I personally don't thinkg its the best pcdp on the planet, I would be willing to put money towards one in the future. I tried to buy one off my friend, but he won't let go of it even though he stopped listeing to CD's for the past couple of years.

Someone has discussed the difference between the 905 and the 777 DAC and sound quality in a different thread. Do a search on dual bit DACs in the forums here.
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hmmm...couldn't help noticing Todd's shameless plug for the Airhead, Senns, Ety's & Grados in his epinions "review". Those salesman...always selling! I'm quite content with my sl sx500, with it's die-cast lid...hope it survives another 4 years.
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I have no doubt that the sx-500 will perform endlessly for another 4 years. This thing builds like tank man!! I hope my coming-here-soon D777 will last this long.
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thanks for the vote of confidence. I wish you the best of luck with the sony. I guess I got lucky when I bought the 500. I didn't really do much research, just in the store basically comparing it to a bunch of sony's. these days you can't barely try the damn things out, they're sandwiched in between those pain inducing plastic packages. well, anyway I never realized the 500 was a "tank" as you describe...I mean it never felt particularly heavy or anything. you seem to be the only person on this board with any experience with the 500. It's good to know I'm not the only 500 owner on the planet
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I am glad that you love the sx-500 as well. I bought this pana off my friend for 45 dollars. It is in a perfect condition cosmetically. When it come to pcdp I think I am very fortunate.
Guys!!!, I just got the d777 today via fedex (3 days!! from NY). Anyway, I really think that the d-777 is truely worth the money. I got this from a guy in e-bay (not an auction though) for 75 shipped and man oh man!!! This thing look perfectly new!! I feel like I just bought a new machine for 90% off from the retail price.
About sound quality, the d-777 feel very warm and very dynamic. The megabass is very impressive and the low notes come to life easily. However, I think the d-777 could add a bit more treble..for a better clariity!! Anyway, the sound quality is great and better than my pana 651, sx500, and the sony D465. To me I don't think sony uses the same DAC system on the 465 and d777, b/c the d465 lack deepness and feel very bright to my ear. So...the d777 might equips with dual one bit system?
The headphone amp is very impressive with 15 mw/ channel. I listen 2/10 with my 10 years old sony mdr-e484 and these things are truely a match in heaven. I need to plug in my e888 (better clarity than the 484) and see whether it will perform better with the d777 than the 484. Well...final word!! Truely worth the money and this might be my last discman??!?!
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Man...I hope the d-777 can drive the senn 580 for a good output!!!
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purk....don't mean to get ya down, but I DOUBT it can...it'd have to be 15 mw @ 150 ohms, or something like that....
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Well...I am not down. I am jamming with the D-777. This thing is virtually scratch free and very beautifully crafted. I need to try my e-888 on this!!! emmm..
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I know this is an old thread but I had to reply.

They are most definately worth it. This is not only the most impressive looking cd player ive ever seen but its by FAR the best sounding. Quite nice..
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Originally posted by redshifter

i haven't tried the 580 with the d777, but i suspect it should provide enough volume (voltage) for the 580. i also suspect if you want to get the most out of the 580 you will need an amp (back me up, 580 owners). the d777 has a great synergy with good sony headphones, especially the e888 (modified) and cd1700. it sounds good as well with the sony v6, but the v6 really needs more current than the d777 can provide alone. personally i prefer the v6 with my dd9 walkman, as the v6 does better with analog sources and the dd9 has enough juice to get that fabled v6 bass.

i hope i didn't build up the d777 too much. you will need that adapter to use the remote with your 580, and there are those slight design flaws, but otherwise i like mine so much i think my wife is a little jealous!
yup, needs an amp. My cmoy just opened everything up
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