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Sony D-777 Worth the money????

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I am sure that many of you guys think that the d777 is the best pcdp. Why? I need your input here.... thanks a lot.
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I am in a small minority.
I think the D-777 is not worth the money.
Sound quality wise, using the line out, I find no difference between it and my $50 Sony D-E551. Via the headphone jack, I prefer the Sony D-E551.
As a portable CD player, it has other failings. It uses two proprietary NiMH gumstick batteries that cost $25 each. If you want to use AAs, then you have to add an external AA case that adds a lot to the size. The antiskip is low, and the damn remote has a microplug headphone connection (which doesn't allow normal headphones). The remote is the only display on the unit, and there is no backlighting (for a high end model, that surprised me). Since I don't have the golden ears to recognize its superiority (and I owned two of them!), these failings really disappointed me. I do think it is the best looking CD Player of all time.
The Sony D-E551 has many things going for it. Has 40 sec antiskip, the same volume through headphone jack (and slightly better megabass imho), display with controls on the CD player, analog/digital line out (perfect for minidisc players), NO PROPRIETARY batteries or remote, and a $50 price tag. To top it off, it is only slightly bigger than the naked D-777.
To me, there is no contest between these players.... the D-E551 rules! However, if you have the ears to "recognize" the audio advantages of the D-777, all these shortcomings may be meaningless. Your results may vary, but the D-E551 is still excellent for the price tag.
I'm using Ety 4Ps. I switch between an altoid amp and a new supreme when using an Ety 4P->4S adapter.
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Thanks for your reply on D-777. I am now scored on the D777, and the unit will arive here next week. I am tempt that this is an excellent player like many agree.
Does the unit equips with optical output? Wel, I hope others can share their view on d777 as well.
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The D777 does not have optical output.
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i disagree with utdeep. i paid $120 for a new d777 back in '97 and have never heard a pcdp that comes close. 1st and foremost it has amazing sound. easily the quietest pcdp i've heard (i've been through maybe 10 pcdps in my life, starting with the sony d33 which i still have (and it works) from the early eighties, including a couple of recommended panasonic models), even at high volumes or with the 10 sec esp on (i never really need to use the anti skip though, my player hardly skips at all even when walking around downtown) there is NO hiss at all, and i use super revealing headphones like the v6 and e888. the headphone amp in the d777 is amazing, 15mw per channel, and right now i'm listening to my d777 through my cd1700 cans without an amp and it sounds much much better than it should. bass is tight and musical, and across the frequency spectrum the sound is very even and engaging. nothing really jumps out as being too warm or bright. the line out on the d777 has even a wider frequency response than the headphone jack, and an airier quality to the sound too. what i'm really impressed by is the d777's wide stereo stage, especially compared to the panasonics i've owned.

the batteries were included in the price of the discman, so i don't know why utdeep is complaining about their price. the gumsticks in my d777 have been going strong these last 4 years through hundreds of recharges. the external battery pack attaches to the back of the unit and adds only a little more to the size; it still fits in the case just fine with the external pack. the case itself is very sturdy and despite the years of daily use my d777 is almost scratch free because of it.

the remote is nice, although i had to repair mine twice--because i had broken it through use, not because of a design flaw. my main gripe about the d777 remote is the use of a micro-plug. you have to use an adapter to use a 1/8" miniplug headphone, but the adapter is only about $10. if you turn the volume on the d777 up to 8 or so and attenuate the volume to the heapdhones using the remote you get lots of current (i.e. fuller bodied sound) for sensative cans like the v6 and cd1700--with this setting i never have to use mega bass. i encourage everyone who owns a d777 to try this. the other gripe i have is there are some functions that you can only access from the remote (like play modes). other than that i like the remote and it not having a backlight seems a rather minor point to me, as i have never once missed it.

the build quality (despite the rumors to the contrary) on the d777 is very good. the lid is made from the same vectran/biocellulose material in their cd1700 & cd3000 headphone drivers. i don't know why sony did this, except it is very sturdy and light, and perhaps has vibration dampening properties too, who knows? the design of the player is the apex of elegance. when i change cds in public (like the record store) i have gotten many comments on it ("wow, that's a sleek little player", etc.). i know... who cares what it looks like, how does it sound? well, ferraris drive very well, and look good too, so why not?

the d777 is not a perfect discman (but comes damn close ), but my experience with pcdps (almost 20 years now) and my attempts to find something better have shown me i am very lucky to have a d777. enjoy it purk, and if you take good care of it you will be in pcdp bliss for years to come.
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I was wondering if any one of you guys knows about the de 905 which came after the famed 777 and how it compares?
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Excellent review and you make me feel very fortunate of having a pleasure to own one. My D777 will be here in a week. I am very impressed in aspect of sound quality according to your review. Anyway, I hope I will enjoy it as much as you do.
How about the D905? I have heard that the D777 is equipted with only one bid DAC, while the 905 has dual one bit. Do u think 1bit vs. dual one bit contributes a different aspect on sound quality? Please, help me. Thanks.
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Will the 15 mw/chanel be sufficient enough to drive my coming-here-very-soon Senn 580? Thanks again. Man 15 mw is lots of juice...
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Will the 15 mw/chanel be sufficient enough to drive my coming-here-very-soon Senn 580? Thanks again. Man 15 mw is lots of juice...
i haven't tried the 580 with the d777, but i suspect it should provide enough volume (voltage) for the 580. i also suspect if you want to get the most out of the 580 you will need an amp (back me up, 580 owners). the d777 has a great synergy with good sony headphones, especially the e888 (modified) and cd1700. it sounds good as well with the sony v6, but the v6 really needs more current than the d777 can provide alone. personally i prefer the v6 with my dd9 walkman, as the v6 does better with analog sources and the dd9 has enough juice to get that fabled v6 bass.

i hope i didn't build up the d777 too much. you will need that adapter to use the remote with your 580, and there are those slight design flaws, but otherwise i like mine so much i think my wife is a little jealous!
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15 mw is a lot of juice for a LOW imp. headphone......a 300 ohm Senn will be getting MUCH less than that.
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yeah, i've got some high imp. akg (240m) cans that the d777 cannot drive at all without an amp, so if vij is saying the senn 580 are 300 ohm you will for sure need an amp for them. i can't stress enough however what a great match the e888 & cd1700 make with the d777. sony bases much of its design philosophy on matching sony components with other sony components, and it really shows.
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yep yep, I have to agree with u guys that 300 ohms is quite a lot. However, I have SR-80, Sony E484, and Sony E-888. I think the D-777 will definitely make them sing. O.k> thanks again.
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To each his own.
A huge benefit of having a D777 is resale value. As long as you keep it in great condition, it should be able to retain its value. I got a second one for my little sister at $50 on half.com that's not in perfect condition (a small scratch on the top), but I have no doubt that its worth a bunch to someone who values it.
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As utdeep well knows , the resale value is good for people who are interested. I picked up the one he had for sale, and on the basis of reviews, I think I will be happy with it. I was looking for a high end pcdp to use with a headphone amp and hd-580s or ER-4s's. I think I will be quite happy with it once I get a chance to listen to it. After all, isn't that what counts? If one expects to like something, the mind is a very powerful motivator. Though I imagine I could tell the difference in sound between it and a lesser player in a blindfolded test, the fact is that I am not going to be blindfolded....I am going to be looking at a well designed, good sounding player, which will make me happier to listen to it than to something that I have lesser expectations for. This is perhaps sacreligious at such a forum, but I truly do think that barring blatant deficiencies, our listening experience is derived primarily from what we want to hear, not what we actually hear. Perhaps I am crazy. I hope so.
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Hmm... maybe that's why I didn't like the D777 so much. I spent so much time focusing on the deficiencies of it featurewise vs my D-e551, that I didn't want to recognize it for its strengths. There is real merit to your arguement. Doh!
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