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Does price matter when choosing a CDP?

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I have owned the same PCD for my rack system since 1992, its the Pioneer PD101 (if i recall correctly). I think it went for $120 or so and it has worked ever since the first day.

Do these rack system CDP's differ is sound as do their portable cousins? I love the Pioneer because it NEVER skips on a cd (even if the cd looks like it was cleaned with a brillo pad!!!!). Plus it read cdrs and cdrw's without a hitch. So if i decide to buy a replacement whenever this dies out should i bother looking at a more expensive model? I was kinda thinking/looking at the 5 disc changers with a line out so i can link my MD recorder optically (although i have read the analog line sound better for recordings!). Any thoughts?

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If you are planning to use a CDP for home use, I would recommend getting a home unit as opposed using a PCDP (if you can afford it).

1. First off, PCDP are compressed.(in order to extend battery life) You may not notice this much if you listen to music with little dynamic range.

2. Newer PCDPs have all this anti-shock processing built in that can effect sound quality.

3. The line out of PCDPs output at lower level than fullsize home units.

4. entry CDPs are cheap as hell!

5. Mid priced units offer even sound better, and may offer more features.

Do some searches on new or used units.
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Does price matter when choosing a CDP?
In a word yes, but it depends. If you compare a home unit that costs 100$ to one costing 400$ there will be a big step up in sound quality. Than you can spend another 300 more and and the difference will be smaller. As Ben said cheap home units are CHEAP. There are some killer midpriced CDPs around 400-500$ that are really worth the cash. Im sure that there're some great machines that cost 4-5 times more, but these are out of my range, so I haven't auditioned many.
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You'll hear a lot more of a difference from $100 speakers versus $400 speakers.

I don't get this "big" difference in sound quality from CD players.
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Get the Denon DCM 370 or the Sony C333ES. 370 goes for about $125 shipped on ubid. 5 cd changers are hella cool.
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Yes I hear the denon 370 is an excellent entry level CDP. It gives you the most bang for your buck. As for its digital output though, I believe it is only coaxial, so you may have problems connecting it to your MD. You could get an adapter though (approx. $25). It also only has one analog output.
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I think in some situations price does matter,but I don't personally beleive that you have to spend more than $400 for a great CD player. I just bought the new Sony SCD-CE775 Super Audio CD Changer and I couldn't be happier. This is definitely the best CD player I have ever owned. In my opinion it plays regular CD's with a better quality than other players I have owned. And the sound of the SACD's is incredible.
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Magic77, in terms of price and performance, where does the SCD-CE775 lay in comparison to the 333ES?
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pigmode, while you're waiting for Magic77's reply, here's a solid comparison of the two:


I ended up returning the 775 I got, and decided to splurge a little more on the 333 after reading some of these reviews on Audioasylum.
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Thanks Vertigo, that pretty much answers my questions. I take it you sent back the Jupiter?
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Yep, the Jupiter went back. I just couldn't justify spending over $1000 on a CDP given the difference in performance I heard over the Denon 370 on headphones. During that trial my Denon's RCA jacks ended up dying thanks to the constant cable switching, so I have no choice but to get another CDP. And so the 333 it is.
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Well, I can not compare the 2 because I never heard or used the 333ES. But, for the price of the 775, I feel it's a great value for my budget. Compared to other CD players I have owned,the 775 does sound superior,and I'm satisfied with it's performance of both regular CD's and SACD's.
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Originally posted by markjia
[B You could get an adapter though (approx. $25). It also only has one analog output. [/B]
I've never seen those at RadioShack or PartsExpress before, are there optical to coax adapters too?
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I'm not sure if digital/coaxial are widely available, but I know that some stores carry them. Here is one I found briefly searching on the net:

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I have read some positive reviews about the Sony SACD player, i assume it goes for $400, right? Looks like that might be the next step up for me when, and if, this 9 yr old player i have right now dies. Thanks to everyone for their insight, cant wait to hear what SACD has to offer

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