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How much should one spend on a trombone? I would use it for Ska shows... Would a valve Trombone be cheating? I imagine it would be easier for me since I've been playing Euphonium for 8 years.
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It really depends on what you want. I have been playing trombone for about 8 years, and I started on a really basic student level horn. I then moved to an intermediate horn with an f-attachment, and finally to a Bach 42BO symphonic trombone. Then I started playing bass trombone for Jazz, and eventually for Symphonic as well.

In your situation, I would suggest the valve trombone, as it is basically the same as a euphonium. Same valve combination's (unless you are playing a 4 valve).

If you want to get a real t-bone, go for one that is a slightly smaller bore, without an f-attachment. Ska demands some pretty high notes, and you will blend with the other instruments better.

How much? A good concert trombone is about $2,000, but I would say something in the ~$900-1200 range would be good. Looking for used ones helps some too.
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Get a used instrument, and look as hard as you possibly can. Don't just buy the first one because you like it, either. Have a professional friend try the bone before you buy it to see if it's in good working order.
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f attachment FTW!
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right now i have a pretty small bore trombone, so this is just looking into the future a bit. I can play both a 3 and 4 valve euphonium, because valve 4 is just the same as holding one and three together, for C, F, etc
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I've been playing trombone for 2 years but I learned everything I needed for middle school band in 1 summer. My advice is get a trombone that doesn't have a rotory valve like a Thayer or hagmann valve. The reason is that trombone has a unique tone unlike any other brass instrument because it only has 2 loops or curves. Get open wrap cause it got less curves than traditional wrap. This is a mouthful and By the way I learned about the Thayer valve from my trombone teacher and then wiki it. Hope this helps.
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