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What digital camera?

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I'm looking for a decent quality digital camera under $200, preferably $150. So far from reviews i've gathered several cameras and i want anybodys opinions on them.

Canon a570IS (Best Choice but most expensive.)

Canon a720IS (almost similar to the a570)

Canon powershot a470 (This is the most reasonable choice so far)

Or any other camera

Hope to hear a lot of input, Thanks.
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What sort of things will you be shooting, and what level of features do you require?

I just finished looking for a camera in that price range and settled on the Canon PowerShot A470. You wouldn't believe how good it is for the price, especially if you're interested in a simple point-and-shoot camera. The display is large and fast, form factor is easy to hold, it has facial recognition, can take movies, has a framing grid, etc. It puts my several-year-old PowerShot A75 to shame. The colors are more neutral than Canons have been in the past, and it uses the same DiG!C III processor as the higher-end lines (including EOS).
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If you don't mind buying used, consider a Sony HSC-H2 or Canon S3. The Sony is a bit cheaper and pretty much equal in terms of features. I loved the H1 while I had it... it is with my parents now. Great macro and zoom-range. Handling is very good too.
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its for a friend actually and she uses it for simple shooting while i sometimes like to take pictures of scenery if we're in other countries. I saw that the a470 had bang for buck reviews, thats why i thought it was good enough, but my main obstacle against buying it was that it didnt have the 'image stabilizing' i think thats what they called it, that the a570is and the a720is had. I would like to know amongst you camera users how important it is. Thanks.
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Image stabilization is very important during marginal lighting situations, to make up for the poor high ISO performance and slow lenses in found in P&S cameras.

However, if you are only taking pictures of scenery (during the day), IS is not that important.
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On a P&S, IS is a very, very nice thing to have. You can shoot 3 or 4 stops slower with a properly implemented IS system. Me and my fiance own A710IS and A720IS respectively. They're great cameras, and with CHDK on mine, incredibly powerful for the cost.
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I have the Canon A590IS - it is excellent. You could always go one model down, which would be the 570IS, which is still an good choice. In fact, most of the A series Canon's are decent.
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