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Originally Posted by ledzepberkeley View Post
Any news on the D2 Boas Nirvana1000?
No.I'm hoping they will arrive Friday!They left Hong Kong last night.I hope.The good thing is the 14 day return policy.But that doesn't leave much burn in time.I think they will be a good choice for my first high quality headphone amp.
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I just got the Mini Audio MAD07, which is the exact same thing, and I have to say it sounds fantastic out of my iRiver H332.

However, does anyone know if the D2 works with linux? I don't seem to get any sound out of my eeepc 900, which runs Xandrox Linux.
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Would this amp work well with the Sennheiser PXC 450? or is it any of the other iBasso ones that'd work better. I'd like to have a bit more bass, so maybe this isnt the best choice?

Here's the specs of the PXC 450s

General Specs

Operating Time Up to 16h
Max Spl 108 dB SPL
Power Supply one AAA battery
Thd < 0.1%

Headphones Specs

Transducer Principle Dynamic
Frequency Response 8 - 28.000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 150/750 ohms
Attenuation up to 23dB(NG 2.0)
Weight Wo Cable 240g
Noisegard Supply up to 23dB(NG 2.0)
Ear Coupling Circumaural


Connector 3.5mm right-angled
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I just bought this amp from another head-fier and i currently use it with my MS-1i's
AND I LOVE IT, this is my first amp and yeh it's great, but im loving the output as it is, just scary to know that there are better amps with better sound than this, coz right now im very happy with what it's outputting.
my next buy will be the pico slim, with either a k702, HD600/650 or DT770 manufaktur.
definately an expensive hobby.
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I also got a D2 from a Head-fier. I enjoy it a lot with my HD25-1 II by listening to music from my laptop. They are really matched to each other!! I just bought a DT770 80ohm version, hope it will work great with my D2.
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I wounder if there any kind soul here that would satisfy my fetish of looking at the D2 naked. Thanks
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Is anyone using one of these to power active studio monitors? Quite interested as I could use as a DAC on my pc with active monitors when at home then when away use it as a head amp for my mp3 player.
How does it compare to something like the V-DAC?
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Originally Posted by joonas View Post
I took whole 48 hours from order to get the D2 Boa at my hands.

Highs sounds little harsh, but I hope it gets better with time. Bass is tight and detailed. Overall the detail of the sound and separation is amazing. Wonderful piece of equipment for the price. A huge step above my previous amp Total BitHead.

I'm still getting the HeadAmp Pico unless someone convinces me it's not worth the money over D2 Boa.

Headphones I use are SE530's, I tried HD-600's but D2 Boa doesn't seem to be powerful enough to drive them properly.
Can you elaborate on the comparison between the Boa and the Total BitHead. Is the Boa a lot better than the BitHead in your opinion? Thanks.
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Thank you verymuch for your review.

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Does anyone know how the iBasso D2: Boa compares to Fiio E10 as a desktop amp? I'm thinking of purchasing one and selling off my E10

Worth it? Comparable? I have no real idea.
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I found the Boa powered my HD650 quite ok. Slightly tighter bass coming out of my Macbook and cleaner at louder volumes. Was pretty good for a starter dac amp combo ))

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