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Just arrived! Pioneer Monitor 10 (with pictures)

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huw much is it ? how about the sound ?
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Wow those look amazing, very futuristic.

How much and how do they sound?
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They look awesome. i found a couple of pioneer monitor 10's online, but none look like those.
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I bought them used for about 40 euros on ebay. I believe that they have been in a drawer for some time, so I am currently letting some music flow through them to wake up the drivers.

Matching impedance: 4-16 ohm.
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20khz
Sound pressure level: 100db/mw
Speaker: 5,7 cm mylar cone
Weight: 0,5kg
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Those are awesome, I would love to know how they sound.
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Those are so industrial looking, that's awesome! Maybe you can weld some spikes on them, and resell them to the "Skullcandy, but looking to upgrade" crowd.
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They're made of metal and leather, with soft leather-imitation vinyl ear pads.
The build quality is fantastic.
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With a disclaimer that the sound may change as I play them more...
(I am not sure that they are properly broken in, but now they have been running for some hours)

First out, is Daft Punk - Alive 2007. I play it first because I have not been a happy listener through any of my other cans. The Sennheiser HD580 has too boomy bass for this record which is already boomy. The Sennheiser HD414 instead lacks bass and is rather sterile. The Philips 910 especially but also the Philips 890 bass is too soft. Note that I have no other closed cans to compare with.

I comment on the bass first, because that's the most important ingredient in this record, in my opinion. The Pioneer Monitor 10 does it just right for this record, I think, with a bass with sharp edges (if you know what I mean), but hard hitting. (But still less of it compared to the HD580, as I mentioned).

(Also I have not matched the play volume with the other cans here, but I have not been happy with the other cans at any volume I have tried)
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"attacky", maybe?
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Some more info (in Japanese) and a frequency response chart here: Pioneer SE-MONITOR 10R
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No, that's not the same one, although it looks similar.
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Ah, you're right. I would guess the "R" signifies a newer revision of the headphone.
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The 10R is the second revision, before that there was a 10ii, and before that they sold the version I've just got.

(I had a lot of spare time while waiting for these to arrive...)
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I would have expected the other head-fiers who own the Monitor 10 to have commented by now. It can't be that uncommon around here, now can it? Considering the current price / performance.

Some more impressions:
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's song. The bass impact on this song fits the HD580 much better, to my ears.

Children of Bodom - Aces High. This song presents a fat and fast carpet of sound. I like the presentation from the 580 better. I cant pinpoint why at the moment.

Bob Dylan: Nashville Skyline. This record sounds great with the Monitor 10, but of course also with the HD580.

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible. This record also sounds great with the Monitor 10, just like with the HD580. Actually I think the HD580 is better with this one.

Kraftwerk: Minimum-Maximum. These cans could have been made for this album. (all right, they couldn't but thats beside the point). It sounds perfect, to me.

(These are first impressions and might change without warning)

All in all, I am very very surprised by the nice sound of the Monitor 10.
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