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Soldering equipment

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I have read countless times about how people make their own amps, fix their cans, etc. What kind of tools are needed? If you have a link feel free to post it, i'm getting curious about DIY amps.

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This should be in the DIY forum...

Anyways, head over to radioshack and you can pick up one of their cheap soldering irons and some 60/40 lead free solder to get you started. You can find some sites that teach you how to solder... all the tinning and stuff... then learn desoldering... then learn some electronics... then practice on some junk printed circuit board... then try a real amp...
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I only had ten bucks to my name today, and I really needed to fix my AKGs... They didnt have the proper solder tip for my old ratshack iron, so I had to buy a new one.. But I needed solder, too.. Wound up buying the soldering kit for $7.99, and using the little sliver of solder that it had in it.

I used the heatsink clip to protect the voice coil, heated up the connection post oh so quickly, splurted some solder on that bitch and they were "better" then new.
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I wouldn't have used that leaded solder for your headphones Xander... oh well! too late though I'm not sure how much it would matter...

Anyways, I have the same soldering iron and I broke it ... actually ripped apart the filament by unscrewing that little thing (So dont)... then I realized all I had to do to remove the tip was to unscrew it
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