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There's a band called Be'lakor that recently released their vinyl masters digitally through their bandcamp. They sound pretty great. Also there is a band called Horrendous that has an incredible sounding pair of albums. Ecdysis and the recent Anareta have amazing mastering and producction. Theres Morbus Chron too which sounds amazing.

Dude, thanks a tonne for the suggestion. I was not aware Be'lakor had released remasters, and they sound sweet. In particular "Stone's Reach" sounds absolutely superb ("Of Breath and Bone" for some reason is panned slightly right, and seems uneven in brightness which I'll probably have to correct in a DAW myself).


I think I will find new appreciation for Stone's Reach now. Plus I was able to give the Aussies some money which feels nice.

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Trivium - Shogun has already been mentioned, but also their last Silence In The Snow really sounds good! 

(too many songs, and they sound the same after 7/8 listened to)

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Check out Avenged Sevenfold's new album: "The Stage". 


Also their previous release, "Hail to the King".


Both sound amazing for metal records. The dynamic range is particularly impressive.

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Seems the thread's been inactive for awhile, however I've found some great recommendations within it and thought of giving something back:


NAMI - an Andorran band, they play a blend of progressive post-rock/metal with some melodeath influences, some songs even have a jazzy feel to them. Unique sound, surely, and dynamic. I recommend the second album, "The Eternal Light Of The Unconscious Mind".


Songs: Silent Mouth, Ariadna


HALMA - a German instrumental moody, slowcore post-rock group. Atmospheric, bassy, airy. Sounds great. My current musical obsession :bigsmile_face:


Songs: Mimizan, Deep White



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I'd say Meshuggah's Koloss and The Violent Sleep of Reason are exceptional recordings sound-wise. Check them out on hi-end gear if you're into the band or a similar style.


They crush!

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I'd say "non-existant"

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

I'd say "non-existant"


as opposed to "non-existent"?

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or both.......     :atsmile:

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