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Originally Posted by Theogenes View Post

A friend set me onto Haken's "Cockroach King" from The Mountain, and holy balls is that ever a killer prog track... Can't get those vocal lines out of my head!!

That seems to be the most polarizing track on the album, although I love it! My favourite release of 2013, and masterfully produced

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Grorr - Anthill

Great album, very well recorded!

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opeth - pale communion \m/

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Originally Posted by audiohurric4ne View Post

opeth - pale communion \m/

Yes! Not only is it a great album, but I really like the drum sound and the mix for the most part

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+1 on Pale Communion. Better album than Heritage too IMO.
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Soen - Cognitive

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Kauan - Pirut

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Late to this thread by a couple years, but thought I'd ask if anyone has purchased the earlier Dream Theater albums from HDTracks or on vinyl? I have Systematic Chaos on Vinyl, and ADTOE on hi-res, but wondered if there was any notion as to the source material and mastering on some of these releases? It would suck to plop down $40 on a vinyl of Octovarium only to find it sounds like crap.

And someone mentioned Images and Words as a great DT recording. I always wondered if there was a way to go back and remove that triggered snare. Then it would be the best DT recording of all. smily_headphones1.gif
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Grand Funk Railroad- Closer to Home- 1988 remaster
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As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short.  Hey, I just joined up last month, so back off already.:veryevil:  Anywho, lots of the Rush remasters are pretty good as are the Japanese SHM pressings of many Led Zep CDs.  Agree on the MFSL The Wall (got it) and most SACD versions you can get.  Check this site for SACDs if you're interested: http://www.sa-cd.net/.

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Originally Posted by cgib View Post

Big Big Train - English Electric (Parts 1 and 2)

David Maxim Micic - BILO 3.0

Haken - The Mountain

Karnivool - Sound Awake

Intervals - A Voice Within

Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing

Thank You Scientist - Maps of Non-Existent Places


...all sound amazing

I absolutely agree with you. Great music.

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i will post discographies, and name of bands... the entire discography, is nice from all these bands... i might include what has been said around here we go:








Black Metal:


Arcane Grail


Cradle of Filth

Dark Mirror ov Tragedy

Dimmu Borgir

Obscurcis Romancia


Christian Metal:


Breaking Benjamin

Falling Up

Thousand Foot Krutsch

Three Days Grace

With Blood Comes Cleansing


Post Hardcore: - I really recommend listening to these bands... from all generas these are the best


A Lot Like Birds


Art By Numbers

Closure In Moscow

Escape the fate


Hotel Books

Just like vinyl

La Dispute - Far better than most of them, i recommend only the albums, not the ep's

fall of troy

Pierce the veil

Protest The Hero

Sianvar - Amazing band




Arctic Monkeys


Crazy Town


Drowning Pool

Finger Eleven


Maximum The Hormone

Theory of a deaman




Mindless self indulgence

Rob Zombie



Nu Metal:


Linkin park - nice sound overall

Korn - Some albums have AMAZING mastering

Scars On Broadway





Bad Religion

Billy Talent

Dorlene Love

Fall Out Boy

Green Day



Royal Republic

Sum 41

Useless id - Small band, amazing sound




Amy Diamond - Never thought it had such a good master until i gave it a long listen

Avril lavigne

Katy perry

Lady Gaga

Maroon 5











Tarja Turunen





Technical Death


Abnormal Thought Pattern








DeathCore - This has a particular sound, not everyone will like it, the bands are not general deathcore, are an audiophile kind of technical deathcore


Born of Osiris

Infant annihilator

interrupting cow

killwhitneydead - actually this is just fun to listen to, not most exceptional mastering

Rings Of Saturn - If you don't listen to this on a GOOD setup, you cannot say you listened to the most amazing thing ever. Also, The Last 2 albums... The first album has a bad recording, and is way to loud... 

Years since the storm - somehow, they sound bad, have bad lyrics, and yet they have a good mastering.... well....


This was the list. If something is not fully metal, it is related... i advice everyone to listen to these bands, as mostly they will be very very good...

Also, as a metalhead, you should know on what genera you are... not everyone likes all generes... i like mostly all geners of metal..... also, i am getting everything posted on this thread, at least to try.... 


A nice Experience to everyone!


EDIT:: Please, do not post spam about bands posted by me not being metal, again they are a subgenere of metal... or will be liked by some metalheads... also, if one album by one band sounds bad, it doesn't mean that all albums sound... mostly, all bands posted by me have at least 2-3 audiophile grade albums, with amazing soundstage, and sound quality... some might not even have more than 1 album, case being sianvar, but still are audiophile level,.... also, bands which started recording very early, might have signs of bad equipment on very very old recordings... it is normal, and you can listen to newer ones.. i am just saying we should not spam the thread with discussions, but with bands!...

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I like the re-mastered version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I'd really like to see it on HDtracks, someday.

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CrotchDuster - Big Fat Box Of ****

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Roger Waters "Amused to Death"

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