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PROJECTOR? Pft. smily_headphones1.gif

Also, good pick on Skyforger. It's a good one.
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Originally Posted by Wyd4 View Post

I am having mixed feelings regarding you at this point in time!!



No in serious, DAMN YOU.. and thank you so much :)




You are welcome. Just one word of caution. If ordering from the USA add up to another $30 for registered/tracking/signed-for. This can really put a dent in your budget. On Discogs if you commit to buy first before checking the postage with the seller first you can be in for a shock. 

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Originally Posted by skyforger View Post

Amorphis - skyforger, my favourite album of all time. While I prefer Insomnium because all there albums are amazing, that one amorphis album is just special. Seriously give it a listen, ever song on it is immense.


Tool's best ofcourse will always be mentioned - Lateralus

Dark tranquility's best - projector/Fiction

Be'lakor - of breath and bone


Also something that is a bit out there, and not as well known. Haggard, they have like 40 in there "band" orchestra included they combine melodic metal with classical music and they are just amazing.




Definitely good stuff. I also really like listening to venator off their stone's reach album. The intro always gives me a warm feeling.

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Deftones - Kai No Yokan  


One of my favorite metal/alternative metal albums.

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Originally Posted by spitf1r3 View Post

Just discovered a little gemm. Worth listening to every second.




thank you very VERY much. easily best album of 2013. 

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Just found this band called Avatarium. Great album!


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Please be sure to check out my current favorite alternative rock band:




The following albums of theirs are especially awesome:



Hats Off to the Bull

Vena Sera

Sci-Fi Crimes

Wonder What's Next


and also their Greatest Hits collection ...


Stray Arrows

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Chevelle are great


Especially agree with Sci Fi Crimes and Vena Sera

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Yes, agreed. 


And they are currently working on a new studio album project as we speak...Can't wait :tongue_smile:


Cheers :beerchug:

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Chevelle has never done it for me beyond "Wonder What's Next", unfortunately.
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well since theres many metalheads here, can i ask what iem is the best for metal ? i find its hard to get an iem that is really good for metal. just bought the fxt90 and hate the sound of it. oh btw i really like the grado sound sig if its help. thanks 

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I tend to enjoy my Sony XBA-1 over my JVC HA-S500 for metal/rock. This in spite of the fact that the S500's throttle the XBA in overall sound quality. I think JVC's sound signature is too dark and tends to bring out the lower frequencies rather than the meat in the middle. 


I imagine you want something a step up from the XBA-1, but I would still look at balanced armature iem's as it seems they lend themselves better to the genre. 

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David Maxim Micic's Bilo 2.0 and 1.0 are also very good.



Mbinguni Amina: 




I'm excited for future projects by him, hopefully he continues his trend by releasing a 4.0 in mid 2014. 

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My album of the year for 2013, Spirits Of The Dead - Rumours Of A Presence is a great recording.

Spirits Of The Dead - Rumours Of A Presence, #1 Album of Fester's Lucky 13 of 2013

Spirits Of The Dead - Rumours Of A Presence (The End)

Ever encounter a band that you just fall instantly in love with beyond all reason? I’m not saying you’re dead inside if you haven’t, but it’s an experience I recommend. I’m not saying Norwegian psych-prog band Spirits Of The Dead is going to do it for you. It can be a pretty unique personal process that establishes chemistry with a band that involve  a certain combination of tastes, history and timing. After digging deep into fairly obscure psych-prog and proto-metal from 1968-72 lately, I’d been hoping to find a band that combines those influences with more recent sounds of stoner-doom.

While I wouldn’t expect this to dominate everyone’s year-end lists, it is disappointing that the album didn’t catch on at all. Despite signing to American The End records, they simply did not get heard by many people. I’m pretty certain a majority of those who both liked and were disappointed by QOTSA's Like Clockwork... would give the nod to Rumours Of A Presence as the better album.  They don’t define any sort of zeitgeist for 2013 or represent any oppressed or displaced populations other than Norse deities and dead spirits. They just made the album that I enjoyed listening to most in 2013. | Review
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Keep the suggestions coming.. I'm going to check out all of them ^_^


Just got the he500 and emotiva combo and its beautiful. But I must admit a lot of metal albums sound a bit muddy.

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