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I bought a DIY amp from Theo and everything went verrry smoothly - lots of communication, fast shipping and a very good price. The amp arrived in a great condition, it's probably the best bang for buck I've ever got
Thanks a lot, Theo.
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Bought GMP250 HP's from Theo, One of the esiest transctions i had anywhere. Communication was on the spot, fast shipping and some really nice cans to top it all. Was a pleasure to deal with!
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I bought some Beyerdynamic ear pads from Theo. It was a really straightforward transaction, and his communication was excellent.

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Tiemen ordered some beyer pads for me and shipped it to my Country. Very Nice guy! I would love to do business with him again.

Actually this wasn't business... More like he was just doing me a favor. I truly appreciate people that do things like this for others. Thank you very much Theo!
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Thanks for the Philips HP830...

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Bought the vintage DT880 from Theo. A very friendly and prompt in replying all my PMs. What a great experience dealing with him, especially this is my first transaction in this forum.


Cheers mate.

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Sold Theo the GMP250 back, Needless to say he's as great a buyer as a seller. Keep 'em safe :)

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Thanks for the Philips, it came in today... Oh, it sounds wonderful.

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I bought some Beyer ear pads from Tiemen.  The transaction was very smooth and all arrived well-packaged in good condition.  I'm very happy with the transaction.

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