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I bought a pair of Sextett MP from Theo. He's great! Highly recommended. Excellent and quick communication. Headphones received in great condition!
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I sold him a pair of Denon D2000, the transaction went very smoothly! Excellent communication!
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I sold him my K601's, great transaction and communication, recommended!
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I bought HD580 from him and very happy with it.
There is one more thing worth to say: he ship it from Europe to Canada and only cost 1 weeks which is way faster than from US.
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Bought Theo's D2000. Nice fast transaction. Recommended.
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I sold Theo a pair of original K400 elastics. Great guy, a pleasure to deal with. I hope you'll enjoy your super-comfy K400s Theo.
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I bought DT770 PVC softskin earpads from Theo.

A pleasure to deal with, fast trade, VERY fast shipping. Thank you!
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I bought a pair of K400 [LP] from Theo. He's a nice & friendly person, highly recommended seller. Excellent and quick communication, the transaction went well and very smoothly. Very fast shipping. Nice doing business with you, thank's.
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Bought from Tiemen his AKG k601. I've never had more smooth deal, he's great person to deal and communicate with. He was also so kind and even helped me with some other deals i was interested in!
Highly recommended!!
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I bought some new K400 earpads from Theo. Quick and easy transaction - many thanks!
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i receive adapter for my AKG K400 from Theo, highly recommended !
many thank's...
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I sold by DT150 Beyers to Theo. His communication was excellent and he paid extremely quickly. He was also very patient, as the item took a long time to travel airmail from Australia to Europe (they must have used a Tiger Moth).
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I bought some earpads from Theo. He was fantastic to deal with. Communication was very fast and friendly and he send them as soon as we had done the deal.

I'd love to do business with him again.

Thanks Theo!
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I bought AKG K401 from Theo. Excellent communication, very quick and smooth deal. He ship it to Australia for only 5 days. Great guy to deal with. Thanks
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I lent my K500 to Theo. I got it back in pristine state and Theo did everything to make sure it was delivered to me in time. Thanks, Theo!
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