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this is interesting, so u reckon the oritek modded zhaolu is better then the marantz? i might want to compare with gz76's marantz one day. my oritek modded zhaolu d2.0 is previous owned by u.
Firstly, I got a 20-year-old Revox B-225 CD player off eBay. It sounds very musical, a lot more than my Marantz SA-11S1. I also had it compared with my friend's Accuphase DV-67, and both of them sound very similar. I went to Hong Kong and had a chance to get a stock Zhaolu D-2.0.

The photo above is the stock D-2.0, not the OMZ yet. Surprisingly, the stock Zhaolu blew my Marantz away !! I decided to sell my $3,100 Marantz right away then. The stock Zhaolu is about 10% better than the Revox, but they have similar sonics of a decent turntable. The OMZ you got is far superior to its original Zhaolu.

Believe it or not, the OMZ with Headphone Amp or Preamp is another class of the player. You've got to hear it with your ears.

Perhaps you haven't seen another photo of "comparison" click here from this ad I came across.