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interested in those pics too
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I wish Comply tips were more durable.
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how often do you guys replace the tips?
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I can say with authority do NOT use alcohol to clean these comply tips. Try instant disintergration. Ooops I'll try the aforementioned methods next time.
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I just ran them under warm water from the sink and washed em out then squeezed them out on a napkin blowdryed, then out in the freezer for like 5 minutes and let them sit for a few hours and they work amazing still. : D
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Originally Posted by Danosaurus View Post
Here's what I did the other day with my UM2 Compys...I used a small wooden stick (broken off a cooking skewer, toothpick might work too) to hold the tip over the sink while pouring a little hydrogen peroxide over it. Rub a little with your fingertip but don't compress the foam. Rinse with water, again being careful not to squeeze. This process cleans wax and dirt off the surface without getting peroxide or water into the foam cells, which will probably help make em last longer.

My ears produce little wax, and there was only a little build up on mine so if your ears are miniature waxworks this might not work as well...

I've done a variation of this once, so far so good. I used a small pill bottle, put some Hydrogen peroxide in it along with the tips. CLosed the bottle and swished them around a bit. Took the tips out and air dried. They weren't very dirty to start with, just a bit waxy and the cleaning took care of the wax without noticable degradation of the foam.
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I soak my complys in hydrogen peroxide for about 15 minutes, occasionally swishing them around and squishing them. The foam did not degrade at all, in fact, i found it to be better after washing them.
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Sorry i havnt been back to this thread in a while and I dont have the pics anymore. Next time i do it i'll post them. The dirtyness on the tips is mainly earwax so i think any process that involves heat and and a liquid that wont disolve the tips will do.(lol gside......ever put gasoline in a styrofoam cup????=same effect)
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I use both Hydrogen peroxide plus the boiling water trick to clean my Comply's.
  1. I let my tips float in Hydrogen Peroxide for 15 minutes. Swishing them around but not trying to soak the peroxide in to the foam (i.e. I do not squish the foama and then submerge them in the peroxide)
  2. I then use a quetip to scrubb any bad spots on the tips.
  3. I then rinse the tips off under the tap with warm water.
  4. I then have a bowl full of freshly boiled water and take the tips and place them on the tines of a fork and submerge then in the bowl of water swishing them around for 15-20 seconds.
  5. I finally take the tips and place them someplace dry to dry out (they dry out in an afternoon).

I find using this process on my tips has allowed me to reuse them the same day so long as I don't do it to late in the day. The tips came out of this process as good as new. I do not know how many times I will be able to do this before they fall apart though, hopefully 2-3 times.
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never think of cleaning my comply foam...but I will try after reading this. thx
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I squished mine before I put them in the hydrogen peroxide, and if anything, it helped give it more flexibility and made them a bit softer, and with no ill effects.
Mind you I only did this about three times before I had to give the complys up when I returned my PFEs.
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Suck on them like a sweetie?
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Well, after I'm done sucking on them I do this:
Take a small plastic container with a lid and fill it with a drop or two of dish soap and as hot of water that you can get from the tap.
Drop in the tips and put the cover on. Swish it around a bit and let soak for five minutes or so.
Take them out and put on a towel. Squish them in the towel to get some of the moisture out.
Set out to dry overnight.
Good as new IMHO.
Also, keep your ears clean!
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Wow. Way too much workgoing on here. Put a little hydrogen peroxide (3%) in a small bowl, add Complys (tip down, so the HP can do its fizzy work) and let them sit for 5 minutes. Take them out, squeeze them to get out excess moisture, and let them sit for a day or two to dry. Done. They actually seem better after the HP bath. When I tried using water before dfkt gave me this method, they fell apart.
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Sorry to re-resurrect the thread, but I've been experimenting with cleaning them and figured I'd share:

FWIW, my ears are ear wax factories...it's gotten to the point of absurdity. In any case, I do my best to keep them clean but my tips still become saturated with wax in under two weeks.

I got sick of buying new tips so often, so I started experimenting with the old ones. I've found the best method is to use warm (not hot!) soapy water--there shouldn't be steam coming out. After scrubbing them with your fingers in the water for a bit, squishing them (to force the wax out), run then under warm water. Dry them out with a paper towel or kleenex, then run them under cold water. Dry them and voila, clean tips. The soap (combined with the squeezing force) seem to get almost all of the wax out. They retain their original flexibility, too!

Happy cleaning!

PS. As previously stated, NOT use any alcohols on them (as previously stated.)
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