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check for scratches on the woods...and the screws that secure the drivers to the cups, whether the screwthreads are screwed.  :P

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I did a search and had a look, but couldn't find what I wanted. So don't string me up for a question I'm positive has been asked in here.


1. What are the different model revisions of the D7000 and what are the sound changes in them?

2. How can I identify the different revisions?



So I found the link to Tyll's Innerfidelity article on them, but are there really only "2" versions of the entire line? I thought there were 3?

Anyway, Tyll gave a good run down of it, but for people that have heard both, is there really much difference between the 2012 and pre-2012 revisions? What has anyone found and what would one recommend?

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I've never been lucky enough to hear a pair of these but they sure are beautiful.

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