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Bought a Audeze 1/4in to 1/8 in adaptor...plugged the D7k into the humble Fiio E18...

and boy, that sound is so engaging...almost the best i have heard out of the D7k amongst all my possible setups. 

( did the same to my fren's Fostex TH900...similar effect..v engaging, i think my D7k with Jmoneypads is airier. :P )

The Fostex is slightly more resolving...but for a whole lot more $$ )

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Fiio E17 Alpen into E12 Mont blanc then D7K I'm enjoying that combo right now! The power is great for such a small set up.
But i'm going to have to try that E18 Lorspeaker just to see if its an improvment. My dream is to try that woo audio WA 6SE. Lots of cash for just a try though.
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It is the turn of my D7k to catch some sonicsunshine....

listening to it in balanced mode on the Audiogd Nfb10.32,

clean...........clear............sweet....StaceyKent....close your eyes...mmmmmmmmm

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i put away my hd800 and th900 a few weeks ago and have been listening 100% with the d7000. i really really like these...not as accurate as the th900, not as wide as the hd800, but the mids are really great and they're so engaging and fun to listen to. 

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i listened to the Th900 on the fiioE18, and it was quite a treat..v crisp n dynamic, nothing loose nor flabby...i would like to pick one up when the price is down to 600 on it..LOL.





.....5 years from now i guess. hmmmm.

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Am using my D7000 with the AK100/Continental V3, I'd say the combination is awesome!

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Admitting I have not read through 7200 posts for this question - but does anyone know, or remember reading a post about how the D7000 sounds directly out of the Fiio x5 or Ibasso dx90?

Im trying to chose which of these DAPS is better for my se846 but as an owner of the D7000, I would be interested if one of these DAPS did well with it.

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I have tried the D7000 with the DX90 unamped, it sounded very good. The D7000 is very easy to drive.

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Which do you think is a better match for the D7000? , the DX90 or X5?

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I just got a DX90, it easily drives the D7k... and it sounds GREAT! (Basically agreeing with mclovin1)

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For me, it's the DX90.

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