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Originally Posted by 1974 View Post


I'd like a second listen in a quieter environment than the SoCal official headphone meet. I heard both through an old Marantz receiver headphone out; not optimal but good enough to get an idea. Words like MUCH and WAY seem excessive when I'm pretty sure 9/10 people would agree the differences are subtle; I respect your opinion though.



Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post

It's darn close.  I have them both, both Lawton modded and recabled.  Darn close.



Originally Posted by The French View Post

There might have, as they have differents cups, different sensitivity, and different pads.


But I too, was not able to find any audio differences between the two. It was during a short public audio session, 


i think they're close enough that the fostex doesn't make sense at 2x the cost (at current used prices). sure, the lacquered cups are pretty, but i still find the d7000 to be very fun to listen to.

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In retrospect, that's how I feel about the D2000 vs. the D7000.

I do miss my 7000's sometimes, but side-by-side, it takes careful listening to differentiate them. The D2000 gives me a lot of enjoyment for the $200 I paid for them (before they became so precious on the used market).

The law of diminishing returns can be a very slippery slope.
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