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^ Pretty
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Indeed! Those are beautiful pics...
It looks soo cozy...
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Meh, when is Audio-Technica's next upper-end headphone coming? That would be far more interesting! They should call it the W7000!
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looks like they took the normal plastic box insert and wrapped it in some velvet like stuff and finally gave it a box that the D5000 should have came with at its street price should have came with.

I admit, I am interested, but then again - at this price I would love to see Sennheiser or Audio Technica come out with something.
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sooo pretty. but way out of my league.
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The box looks really nice, but just like the box of my HD650 it probably wont be used after the first day. They'd be far better off using the D5000 packaging and save $ on the price.
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it just looks like a d5000 with a 1/4" jack from that pic :x
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Well... They're Not...

Originally Posted by Assorted View Post
Wow I wonder how they're going to market a $1500 headphone.
Well... they're not... unless they truly have a revolutionary driver, and they've made huge improvements in the structure of the driver housings, the damping, the pads, the suspension, real leather, higher quality wood, etc. - a la titanium, the Markl mods, and joints that don't fall apart.

And... of course an unrivaled "World Class Sound."

Otherwise... "only in their dreams!"

And... there will still be folks like me... that "jes don' believe they're that much better."
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Wow they look amazing!!
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Very nice cans.
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Seems like instead of originally planned carrying case they cheaped out for a bling cardboard box. The rest, including notorious for breakage cups mountings, looks the same.
$1500, you say?
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ahh drat! I just invested in some D5000s.. Well I guess its time to send my wallet back to rehab
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Just subscribing to this thread. I really am looking forward to a release date announcement.
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Too much expensive, as I am satisfied with the D5000 already.
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AH-D7000: Available October, Sug. Retail $999

*Ultra Reference Over-ear Headphones
*Mahogany Wood housing w/rich piano finish
*11.4% stronger magnetic circuity over AH-D5000
*Leather bound case w/satin lining and aluminum plate

Not sure where they are made-China/Japan, but I will investigate.
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