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Originally Posted by kevin gilmore View Post

"hi power" mode is actually higher voltage mode, and you definitely do not want to run it this way,

Would you please explain why the higher voltage setting is strongly not recommended?  I'll ask further, what would be the consequence of running SP amp in this higher voltage setting?  Many thanks KG!

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In high voltage mode there is 530 volts on the white cathode follower output stage.

typically with 250 volt output electrolytics. Tubes not rated at more than 450 volts.

Any major whoopsie or an output cap failure and you fry the headphones.

Normal voltage 260 volts.


Its absolutely goofy to run an otl output stage at 530 volts.

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Hey Kevin,


Do you happen to know any reputable techs in the Tacoma/Seattle area who might be able to look at my Supra? 





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this is one of the supra's with the high voltage option.

There are many different versions and different voltages





I wish i knew of a few good techs that were willing to work on these things.

There were a couple but they put in so much time on them, that there

was no way to break even on the labor alone. Plus any required parts.


I've put in over 10 hours rebuilding my ES2 so far, and all i have done

is chassis work (new holes, frozen screws, frozen feet, cracked tube sockets)

so these things take huge amounts of time.

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Haven't logged on in a few years. Unreal to see what has happened here. i now know what NOT to do if my PPX takes a dump. Also realize that it has very little resale value.


But worse, very sorry to see how many of you lost money. That truly sucks.  

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