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to me

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If it doesn't update sometime today, I'll pick it up from the shipping
company and fly it out to you.

It has not updated of course. He is probably picking it up and going to the airport right now I'm sure... no word from him of course.
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This business practice is not just unethical, it is ILLEGAL.
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to me

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The reason it hasn't moved is due to the fact that we don't have full
payment for the work performed. Although we spoke about having the
payment broken up into 2 parts equaling $750 and then $500 sometime
later. The shipment was not sent due to the fact that it was held back
because of lack of payment. I've resolved these issues with my billing
personnel and the unit will be at the FedEx office by early morning,
being released from the packing company. We need to see payment during
the day after the FedEx office receives the package.

My reply was this:

Dan Chow
to SPA

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Okay that's all I needed. I will make payment the second that Fedex changes their info. I guarantee it and it shouldn't take more than 6 hrs for them to update their info after its in their possession. So I have no problem guaranteeing payment within 24 hrs of Fedex receiving the package in fact it should be within 6-10 hrs max. My word on this.

And while I am understanding about the billing issue you were the one that told me it'd be taken care of much earlier than now. If you knew it was an issue 12 days ago when you first gave me tracking #s then perhaps we could have worked something out and you could have saved me a lot of frustration and yourself probably a lot of aggravation.

Giving me the full picture rather than making unrealistic promises would have done the situation much better than just telling me that it should be on its way and promising that you will fly it out to me. I do not need you to fly it out to me I just need to know it is in Fedex's hands and if I could have helped the situation through my actions then I would have seriously considered it. It is this sort of miscommunications (If miscommunications is what this all is) is what makes me hesitant to put money in your account in the first place.

Just in case something new happens... can I arrange with you to have my acquaintance Naaman to pick it up on Friday?

No answer. Morning comes and goes with no movement and at 12 pm pst (My lunch break) I call him at this number:

Galena Rotenberg and Michail Rotenberg
68880 E County Road 38
Byers, CO 80103-9300
(303) 822-6883

P.S. Mods/Admins feel free to edit out this information if I am in breach of some sort of rules.

This I am told is his home and main workshop (It's a large property).

I got an older lady with a very heavy accent and I asked for Mikhail. She handed the phone over (It was fast) and it was the man himself (This is right after calling his cell with no answer and several unanswered emails).

I asked him if the amp had finally moved out. He said it should have and that he was stopping by the shipping place in a couple of hours and that he would call me with an update.

I said: "If the amp is there and hasn't moved into Fedex's possession can he pick it back up and I can have Naamanf pick it up Friday as he has offered to do so on his off day (It'd be a 2 hr each way drive for him) and I would take care of shipping it at that point"

He said: "Well it already has shipping labels... I will call you in a couple of hours"

I said: "Okay. Hope to hear from you soon."

I didn't yell at him at all, but I immediately regretted not grilling him more or extracting some sort of promise though his promises have proven pretty useless so far.. but I was totally stunned that I got ahold of him so easily.

Anyway... 3 hrs passes no call. I call the cell # and send an email. No response... my work day ends and I decide to give the land line number another shot.

It doesn't ring and there is only a pause and then I get "This call cannot be completed as dialed. Please try again." I give it another shot with the same result. I then used another phone.. my work landline with a different number. Same thing x2.

I am now home at a complete loss as to what to do.
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I would consider this unbelievable, but I'm not surprised since Mikhail has done far worse to me. The reason I won't discuss my details are strictly because I don't have my money back. If I receive my money in a timely fashion I may never reveal the details of my story, BUT i will never promote his business of course.

Is there anyway the leaders of head-fi can all team together and bring this situation to justice? I, and countless others are out so much money and it's just so devastating.
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Okay my amp has moved. I just checked and it's in Fedex's possession with a delivery date of jan 28th.

Edit: My bad.. too high on happiness.
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
Okay my amp has moved. I just checked and it's in Fedex's possession with a delivery date of feb 28th.

Woo HOO!!!

Wait a sec? Delivery for Feb 28th?
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Something good for a change. Happy for you.

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It's 50 percent of the battle. The rest is in me being happy with what I receive and the changes/repairs are worth the 1750 I will have paid.
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I sure hope nobody is placing orders with them anymore..
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You are a saint Icarium! I wouldn't even have 1/10th the patience to deal with that sort of stuff.
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Cheers Icarium... thanks for your story... I am sure glad that I never sent my amp back in for repair. And I guess I never will.. It is pretty crazy that this just keeps on happening...

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wow wth happened? this is all news to me. since joining head-fi, i was always under the impression (from other peoples comments and reviews) that singlepower was a well respected and reputable builder. ive never done business with mikhail personally though. I owned a used PPX3 SLAM a couple of years ago and it was awesome and solidly built. i always planned on getting another (possibly new) singlepower amp when i really got back into the hobby but this thread is definitely making me have second thoughts. disappointing.
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Any movement on your shipment? How many tracking updates has FedEx provided you with?
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Thanks for asking.. it is now in Indianopolis. It's moved from aurora to denver to Indianopolis and I think it's moving from Indianopolis now with a delivery date of Wednesday.
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I thought a few pages back Mikhail said he would be catching up on all the back orders by now.

That would mean EVERYONE who has back order, lost payment, repairs in this thread should have the same result as Icarium by now.

So has everyone else starting to receive their well deserved gear?
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