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Originally Posted by ZepFloyd View Post
where can i get some...and how much am i looking to pay for em?
I use the vibrams to run in and train and maybe if I'm too lazy to wear socks. They're not really shoes you should go about daily work with since they don't look all too great (though I would enjoy to use them daily if they weren't such attention getters). The vivo looks more socially acceptable while providing a similar experience to the vibrams. I'd recommend those if your feet are as fine as your doctors say. If you have arch problems or pronated feet I wouldn't really recommend these.

The vivos and vibrams you can buy online direct if I remember correctly. The vivos go around 120 to 150 and the vibrams go for 80.
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Darn...all this talk of barefoot running has caused me to purchase the Nike Free 5.0 from Zappos.
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Tell me how you like them, I'm curious!
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Originally Posted by fureshi View Post
i've been running with asics gel kayanos for the past 3 years now. very comfortable for me and they seem to be more durable than something like the gt-2100 line. i've been wanting to try nike shoes again but they're always too narrow for my feet.
I recently switched over from NB to a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 2007 and absolutely love them. One of the reasons is the wide toe box, something they specifically widened for the 2007 shoe. I say give nike a shot, just dont buy any of their bs trendy/hype shoes and stick with something in their Bowerman series.
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Originally Posted by Czilla9000 View Post
Darn...all this talk of barefoot running has caused me to purchase the Nike Free 5.0 from Zappos.
My interest is piqued as well. How is the cushioning? I mean are anatomical trainers tough on the joints for asphalt runners?
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Originally Posted by nor_spoon View Post
What are you all running from?

Seriously, I would love to try the Asics Gel-Kayano.
Insanely good running shoe. I buy nothing else. Asics makes tremendous running shoes.
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Last year I bought some insane Asics along with my wife. We wanted to get back into running now that our daughter is willing to sit in our running stroller for more than 2 minutes. I went to a running store popular in my city with really knowledgeable staff. I have an odd gait and wide feet, not to mention overly surgeried knees and well, I'm a fun one to figure out. This is one instance where I was willing to pay the extreme markup for some expertise. After spending 2 hours trying on shoes, I was told the Asics were for me. I usually purchased NB runners or cross trainers. Those 5 toed contraptions are very interesting and if I ever get back into real running shape, I'll look into them.
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On the rare occasion that I run I have a pair of Asics DS Trainers. I like lightweight. Once in awhile I'll wear my dad's Kayanos though.
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I work at a sports store and decided to buy a pair of kayano's, only to find out that the kayano's cause me to supinate too im gona have to sell them after wearing them like 5 times

After that i tried some numbus'es and because i have a pretty flat foot i can feel all the stitching Damit.

Dam flat foot and still the kayanos make me so dissapointed because they were the most COMFORTABLE shoe i have ever owned in my life....ever.
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Has anybody tried the lunarlite trainers yet? I have considered them for my next interval shoe. They've received fairly good reviews, but I'm always doubtful since Nikesoft pumps so much money into marketing.

Where I am the cold has ceased and it's time to hit the streets and trails again! I love spring.
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I have a pair of Adidas Microbounce+ that I bought a year ago. I'm dissatisfied though. They are too performance oriented and have no comfort or control what so ever (I admit looks were a big factor for me when I bought them). I am looking at Asics gt-2130, which got rave reviews on Zappos and are better for my pronation type. Anyone else have em?
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Originally Posted by FooTemps View Post
How often do you guys go through running shoes?

My old nikes actually lasted me 2 years before they finally gave out. (Though for me that only means 3 or 4 seasons worth or running)
depends on how much u run

i had Nike cross trainers for 3 years...wore them around the world..sailing the atlantic ocean, europe trip, mountain trips, trekking, sports: cricket (a sport less known in US), soccer, basketball, cycling...basically i wore them like they were the only shoes.

still havent thrown them because they are like souvenirs now.

then i got into Adidas...Adidas shoes have better design..they take more impact when running and look more sophisticated imo.
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I just read up on those Vibrams and they sound great, i nearly ordered a pair they are $74. and change plus shipping, then i found that a local store carries them so i am going to try them on. There are some w/o straps a5s i think, anyway the pic you have up there doesn't do justice to the ones they have on line. Thanks for the heads up i am going to check em out!
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dude, get yourself some Brooks Adrenaline shoes. they are awesome. best purchase I ever made. reasonable as well. not gimmicky, just a solid running shoe.
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my new shoes:
Adidas Boost:

i prefer dark colors as they add to sophistication and dont get dirty easily.
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