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cmoy battery life

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How much battery life should I expect out of a standard cmoy with a Panasonic pot with a:

1. standard 9V alkaline battery
2. Energizer 7.2V 150 mAh NiMH rechargeable

I've only used rechargeables, and the battery life was disappointing. Should I expect a big increase in battery life if I switch over to a standard alkaline?
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It depends on the opamps used, the headphones, and to those of us that blast hard.. the volume.

Even @ idle with polite opamps and 120 ohm sensitive headphones... don't expect 10 hours runtime. If you get it, hurray! (just don't expect it)

Alkaline 9Vs last 3-6 times as long. Maybe. Depends. Alkalines decline, but have this "snap back" when you stop the flow. Then again, Nicad & NiMH stay hot and usuable right until the end, then drop.

150mAh batteries are inappropriate for a 50mA draw.

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