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California cellphone law coming July 1 - Headset advice needed!

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Okay people,

California motorists will be required to use a hands-free device to talk on a cellphone starting July 1 under a new traffic safety law.

I need advice on which bluetooth headset to buy. It will be paired with a Blackberry Pearl and an iPhone. I'm currently looking at the new Jawbone and the Motorola H12.

Please chime in with any comments or suggestions!
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A similar law has been in operation in the UK for several years now. Have a browse of some of the UK mobile phone forums for some good advise.
I myself use a hands free set up that works via my car radio. Once I start the car up the Bluetooth locks on to my Nokia.
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I've had a Bluetooth headset lying in wait for three years!
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Good excuse for a new car with built in BT! :-)

Seriously though, 2 of my cars have BT built in, but I need one for my convertible.

I'm with you on not using BT headsets. I've bought 3 of them over the years, they all pretty much sucked and I ended up using a wired headset.

My friends have had very good luck with the jawbone. I'm thinking of going that way (the new version, smaller). Especially since it has noise cancelling.
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In Chicago you can get a ticket for driving while using the phone without a headset/speakerphone.

Of course, it's not the act of holding the phone to your ear that makes it dangerous while driving. The problem is that you have to pay attention to carry on a conversation, which takes away from available resources/attention in your brain, which increases the likelihood of crashes. Studies have supported this, too.
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heh..this would be a good case for the supreme court........will some one please sue CA already!
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i have a Sennheiser VMX100

It's comfortable for sure, i can go running and it wont fall out. I can hold a conversation driving with the windows down on the freeway or in a noisy crowd. That's good enough for me. It wasn't extremely expensive either.
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I bought the new Jawbone 2 and it is nice, but I just do not get along with bt sets.
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I got the Ety ER22C (wired) and it works great. I'm a bit paranoid about radiation so I use it whenever I need to make a longer conversation.
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Just ordered a Jawbone 2 based on many friends recommendations. Better be good for $140...
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I am looking at the Plantronics 925.
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Sorry to resurrect this thread,

But I did a search on Amazon, and based on reviews, an ugly plantronics one came up with 2,000+ reviews and 4.5 star average!

What do you guys think? I need to get a couple sets for my parents.

Amazon.com: Aliph Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth Headset (Black): Cell Phones & Service
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I recently lost my Jabra BT8010 modded with an Ety-COM mic. It was my favorite headset so far. I'm very pissed. I'm making do with a back up one now. It sounds like crap, though, so I only use it when absolutely necessary.

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I've installed a few Parrot sets in some cars this past week and I've been impressed with them. Very crisp on both sides. I've installed the few models we carry at circuit city, and I've installed one from another source(I believe it was a 1400 or 1300 model) that had piss poor quality for the person you talked to(might have just been a defect).

Only downside I found with them is if you have aftermarket amplifiers, and a low end head unit w/o a mute button, those amped speakers aren't going to cut to the phone's audio. Also these also aren't compatible with a lot of amplified factory systems. I've rigged up a Camry JBL system to work, and I'm pretty sure other Toyotas and Fords will work as well(amp is easy to find and is either compatible with bluetooth harness, or can be tapped into). Possibly some Dodge/Chryslers. GMs, Lexus(Both usually bose amps), and higher end luxury cars don't even think about it. Get it with the car or your SOL.

I can post some camera phone pics of some I've done if you guys like. The installs thus far have been very clean and oem looking. I just wish I remembered to take more pics.

As for myself, I'm lost. I never liked wearing bluetooth headsets. I don't like how they fit, and I think people who wear them while not driving look like *****bags . I also don't want to lose my iphone's huge LCD, especially when I use google maps a lot. My options are to configure a setup where I can visibly mount my phone, while having my shure adapter plugged into my deck's aux port. My problem there is having to turn up my deck to hear calls, then turning it back down before the music comes back on. My other option is to use the jawbone my friend gave me while still mounting my phone for google maps, and texting
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