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Two Tech Choices That You Did Not Expect

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I use a Palm TX as my MP3 player. This device does many of the functions of an ipod touch plus some that the ipod does not. Refurbished models cost less then $200.00 Your mp3 capacity is limited to the sd chip that you use. Definitely cannot compete with ipod for storage or glamour appeal.

I just placed an order with Dell for a Vostro 1400 notebook. This is off of their Small Biz website. I wanted to stick with Windows XP and wanted a more powerful notebook than I now have. Consumer versions seem to be available on 15.4" screens. I wanted a 14.1" screen so I had to order off of the biz side of Dell. This was the lowest price notebook with this size screen that has Windows XP that I could find.

Not to start a mud slinging war but.... When I had an Apple Powerbook G4 running Tiger; I would get system crashes all the time and the notebook ran very hot. I also paid a lot of money and did not find the value in that setup.

I do find the ipod a nice mp3 player but I like my current setup better. I am not here to bash Apple, only to tell of my experience with them.
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I use a Tx as a pda. Terrible hiss from the headphone jack. Web browser a joke. Screen a joke (calibration issues; dead area issues). Battery life so-so.

I'm so disappointed in Palm it ain't funny.

Sorry for the rant.
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I agree about noise from the headphone jack. I do not have any of the other issues
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You're lucky. Many, albeit hard-core, T|X owners have replaced their plastic-ish screens with glass screens.

I still use mine as a PDA-record keeper. And I've read more e-books on these things than I can recall.

It was about 10 years ago when I got my first Palm III. Exceeded my expectations in every way!

Then, I was able to purchase a Palm V at the (I think 1999) Java-One developers conference for the incredible price of 200 bucks. I loved that thing!

My iPhone is my go-to unit for email, web, music, video, etc.

I do admit that, before the iPhone, I loved the T|X for music and, especially for video.

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As much as I loved Palm for pure PDA functions (calendar, contacts, etc.), they had fallen so far behind Windows Mobile in everything else. Even with the Treo. When Palm introduced the abortion of a product known as the Foleo, that did it for me. I made my jump to Windows Mobile permanent.

Not a small feat for me, as I'd been a Palm user since the original Palm Pilot (which I still have for nostalgia reasons).

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The Treo is a POS joke. Palm had a good idea there for a while, but got too complacent. Windows Mobile, which is by no means perfect, puts it to shame.
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It's amazing to me how quickly Palm blew it, I still have my first gen Palm, and while it gets no use I wish someone had integrated the features that worked into my blackberry.
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The G4 powerbooks weren't worth the money. The only reason they used G4s when all the desktops used G5s at the time (2/3 years ago) was that the G5 ran even hotter and sucked too much power to be feasible in a laptop. This was the brick wall they hit that more or less forced Apple to go Intel.

I have a late-model G4 iBook and it was much cheaper than the Powerbooks at the time. Though a tad slow, it's served me well since then.
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