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I run 5+ miles on a treadmill every night. I like to watch TV while I am doing it. I can't hear the TV over the noise of the treadmill. I've been using wireless headphones because I don't want any wire that could get caught in the treadmill mechanism or otherwise restrict my movements. I don't care much about sound quality in this application. However, I do care about durability (and heat buildup, I get pretty hot/sweaty by the end of the hour and closed design headphones are going to be a problem). I've been through 3 models so far. The first was a crummy Recoton pair. The second and third were both Sony's. They've all been RF models, not IR. They have all eventually died on me (due largely, I think, to the constant slight bouncing up and down motion caused by the running). I think the Sony's may have been more susceptible to this due to the "auto on/off" feature (and so I think I might prefer a design that had a manual on/off switch). I prefer RF in this case because there really isn't a good place to put an IR transmitter within the line-of-sight between the treadmill and the TV (the TV is one of those thin plasma displays, so there's no way to get anything resting on top of it).

So, anyone got any recommendations? Anyone?