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I have a few in no particular order...
but this should show my age

If I could remember my name - David Crosby

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme - Simon and Garfunkfel

In a Silent Way - Miles Davis

In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson
Dicipline gets an HM on effect

Turning Point - John Mayall

Cruel Sister - Pentangle ( short, but......)
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ACDC TNT (australian, 1975). Man, this was huge. I undestood what "energy" is in music after this record. Amp power in every note. Do you want to feel alive? Experience this one.
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Nirvana - Nevermind
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For me it was the first time I heard Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata when I was around 14. I still can't describe how that music makes me feel.

My next big discovery was when I heard Francesco Durante. I downloaded an obscure piece of his in the good ol' Napster days and ever since then I got hooked on music.
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Originally Posted by roadtonowhere08
Ah yes, I heard Ozzy's Ozzmosis single "Perry Mason" on the radio, and I really digged it. I went out and bought Ozzmosis, and the rest is history. My life will never be the same because of that album, and I am eternally grateful.
I remember sitting on the floor in my Aunt's apartment listening to my cousin's LP copy of DIARY OF A MADMAN being totally and completely transfixed. I had never heard of Ozzy Osbourne. I had heard of Black Sabbath, maybe heard a few songs, but I didn't know the connection. I think I was 12 at the time, just discovering this new music they called heavy metal. I'm sure DIARY was pretty new then.. probably within a few months of its release.. I just remember reading along with the lyrics and being totally hypnotized by the voice.

"Over the mountain, take me a across the sky,
Something in my vision, something deep inside.."

I remember going to the mall to buy it, remember when they used to have all the LP's on racks on the walls so you could see the album covers. I still can't believe my parents let me get it. I guess it helped that I was a straight A student. Then I started hearing about the bat biting and all that other stuff, and finding out who Ozzy was and then that of course, led me to Black Sabbath..

the same cousin, a year or so later, turned me onto Iron Maiden's NUMBER OF THE BEAST. Then it was ALL over.. From then on Ozzy and all the other metal bands were second fiddle.. Iron Maiden's music had a power that just held me like none of the other metal bands had. Maybe all those Christians were right about them.. just kidding.. sort of...


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Bringing It All Back Home-Bob Dylan
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Rage Against the Machine- Evil Empire

Kinda opened my eyes to how passionate music could be, I must've listened to that disc a hundred times in a month.
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ooh... just thought of another one. when i was 14 years old, my dad was driving me to little league practice. he popped in a cassette tape and said, "do NOT tell your mother i played this for you."

on came Frank Zappa - "Overnite Sensation" and blew my little teenage mind.

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Originally Posted by disturbed
Yes ladies and gentlemen tell us which album: Changed your life forever?
Possibly UFO, "Strangers in the Night." That's when I realized the meaning of a term we used to use called "having a rock attack" .

P.S. Rush's "Moving Pictures" was something of a revelation as well, although in a different way.
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For me, there's two bands and one artist that'll always be a bit above the rest - see sig.

Nightwish - Oceanborn

First and foremost Nightwish as a band changed my music taste towards similar bands. When I heard them for the first time I hated them. Metal with a female opera singer, WTF?! Fortunately I got to my senses. Oceanborn was the first NW album I bought. I've seen them twice live and they kick ass!

Opeth - Still Life

Still Life was the first taste of Opeth for me and I still can't believe that there's a band as intrigueing as Opeth. Mikael Ã…kerfeldt's whole vocal range also is another constant amazement... He can growl like a demon and sing like an angel - perfect.

Aimee Mann - Lost in Space

I read some reviews of Bachelor No.2 that praised Aimee as a genius but due to record company problems the album was sold only on aimeemann.com. Forgot about it for some time but then I found out that Aimee's new album had come out. I got Lost in Space some time after it was released and soon after that bought all of her previous albums, including the older 'Til Tuesday material. Can't stand 80's music but with TT it's another thing. So I'm all for the fact that Aimee's a genius. I got hooked on LIS's sonic and lyrical theme and I currently own three versions of it (the normal version, SACD and the Special Edition). Can't wait for the new album The Forgotten Arm that comes out in May.
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Pet Sounds. Brian Wilson opened up my eyes, ears, and mind to just how wonderful music can really be.
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korn - follow the leader
i think that was the first album i ever bought.
and i can't forget
moist - creature
a fantastic album
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Weezer - the blue album
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Beatles For Sale.
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Originally Posted by disturbed
Music, the ultimate stimulant.

It transports you to a world of fantasy.

Strange how it plays with your darkest thoughts, grabs them when you can't and suddenly it all makes sense.

Yes ladies and gentlemen tell us which album: Changed your life forever?
disturbed --

Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

I have never listened to an album before that hit so close to home.
Apart from that, being a musical masterpiece, it never fails to "grab me."
The troubled life of a rebellious youth, suddenly coming to terms with it all.

It is simply "life changing" -- yes, I am terming a grand complexity as simple.
But only because this album manages to do so, where most other albums fail.

"Animals" and "Dark Side Of The Moon" (as previously mentioned) are close behind...

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