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Bypass the jacks and just touch the wires to the plugs. Bypass the pot if you are useing that. Take out all the extra stuff and start jumpering wires. Bypass the last resistor. Don't give up. It will be well worth it once you finish.

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Any ideas where [the ground fault] could be I dont have a clue.
Anything that connects to your ground bus could be at fault, especially any component that also has signal lines running through it. This includes your pot, and the input and output jacks. It won't be the LED, the various resistors going to ground or the power switch. Also, check for solder bridges -- these could bridge a signal line to ground.

Ive got a wooden case with insulated RCA plugs. Does this count?
Insulated plugs don't matter, then. It only matters with conductive cases.

Do I connect all the grounds including the resistor grounds to the same place?
Yes. If you look at the pictures I posted in my cmoy tutorial on headwize, you'll see I used a bus trace going down the center of the board. (Actually, I used two traces, tied together at each end with jumpers.) Ideally, all your ground connections would be connected exactly together, soldered into a single massive lump, but in practice you just connect them to a common line running through the circuit. You know you've got it right when the resistance from any ground connection to any other is very near 0; that is, assuming that the ground bus doesn't connect directly to any other section of the circuit! Then you could be measuring through one of the signal lines and back to ground, which is a problem.
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I had a similar problem that I finally got fixed last night (at midnight). I had used 28 gauge solid silver wire for all of the signal wires and that turned out to be a nightmare. They kept breaking at the connection points and it was very difficult to see the breaks. I ended up finding the ground wire on the pcb that goes to the headphone jack was broken. The odd thing was I fed a signal into one channel and everything measured fine, but then I plugged the headphones in and I got a signal in both channels, and music sounded terrible. I found the fault by checking out every connection with a ohm meter. Next time I'll use thicker wire.
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Ive tested all the connections to ground and everything is close to 0 except pin pin 5 on the opamp.

I dunno how to proceed from here

plz help.
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Im the biggest twit in the DIY world !!!

I found the problem...I connected all the earths together and everything worked I thought the pots and i/o were suppose to be earthed differently hehe.

Wooo hooo !!! Going to have to rebuild it though...I fried to many components in the process. I wish I found this out sooner when I actually had a partial amp lol

Oh well live and learn...

*places an order for the porta corda*
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congrats with finding the problem!
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Thanks Braver

Btw have you ordered the Porta Corda
I just placed mine.

Are you paying it via Euro or US dollars?
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not ordering the PortaCorda for a while. just saving money for now. I hope I'll get through this month better than the last one which left me completely broke. ordered some CDs, need to pay ofr them, but no other expensive stuff coming up. I'm aiming at early february to order mine, somewhere around my birthday
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Woo hoo when abouts Feb is your bday

Me getting the 580 too...for the price I just cant resist
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Originally posted by Ctn
Woo hoo when abouts Feb is your bday

6, (in my profile )

already got the 565, no real need to uipgrade from that, maybe to the HD600, but that'll be after a source and an amp upgrade (to the big Corda), and maybe even after buying a speaker/amp combe, which will be around the time I'm 30 or something old like that the 565 kicks booty
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Have you heard the big Corda
Just curious how it would compare to the Porta Corda.

Me getting the 580
Im getting tired of my 590's high end.
My Legend Kama2's are more like the 580/600 sound wise.
So I guess that's the way to go

I reckon you should get a speaker/amp combo.
The soundstaging and imaging rocks so much. I didnt know what everyone was talking about till I experienced it. Close your eyes and its like magic esp with unprocessed recordings.
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I wish I'd have heard the Corda. but it's the most reliable and easy to get amp I can think of in that pricerange. should partner very well with Senns. and I believe I'm more a solidstate kinda guy when it comes to sound.

I'd love to get a good speaker setup. I'll get the PortaCorda first, then save up for a Denon 370 cdp. an entrylevel speaker setup with some Mission bookshelves and a nice little amp (the Cambridge Audio one that got high praise in the WhatHiFi 2001 awards looks nice) would set me back about 400$, which is just not happenng for a while.

I'm only a student with no job. buying CDs and stuff highly limits my other expenses. not that I mind, but upgrading goes very slowly
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I think if you are considering a speaker setup that you should go high up in range, esp with the amp and speakers

There's a huge difference from my experience anyway.

I was looking for cheap cheap components then I started to rise in price each time I heard something better hehe but I stoped at the Redgum amp and Legend Acoustics speakers. They are the best sounding speakers Ive heard for a pretty cheap price

How much are you looking to spend for it all?
Dont spend too much on interconnects. I found some cheap interconnects for about $7 US that are as good as the really expensive ones.

Ive heard some of the lower range Denon cdp's and they sound very harsh/digital. I havent heard the 370 though.
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I like reading about speakers and thinking about what might be a nice setup, but it's not happening till I get a job. $300/400 for an amp and $500 for the speakers or something I'd guess, but just guessing for now. it took me half a year to get to some serious headphones and the another half year to get close to buying an

I was thinking about a cheap headphone when I joined Headwize a year ago, took me a few months to decide on a Grado SR60. not satisfied, so looked around some more and ended up with these 565s. I guess it'll go like that with the rest as well, but the gap between entrylevel an high-end is HUGE with sources, amps and speakers compared to headhones. the sr60 was $80, the 565 was originally around $200 (Sennheiser dropped their prices considerably soem time ago to, mine was only $120). Tannoy MX1s cost $140 or somthing with speakers getting really interesting around $600...

problem is tho, money goes too quick sometimes. I almost bought a Creek OBH11 last summer, but ended up spending all that cash on partying. had a great time (hope I never see so much booze in such short time again to! seven hangovers a week ain't much fun..), but still no amp. so I don't plan my expenses too far ahead
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Yeah true about a huge gap from the low range to the high end stuff. Id say 500 for amp, 350 for cdp and 500 for speakers and about 20 on cables.

For the amp, the Redgum RGi35 (500) cant be beat.
For the speakers the Legend Acoustics Kurre bookshelves (500) cant be beat.
For cdp, there's alot to choose from but I went with the cd6000 ose for about 350.

Both the amp and speakers are aussie products Prob very hard to audition it but believe me ... it ROCKS !!
I have the 60w (ah hem 89.7w tested) Redgum. This amp is really really clean sounding. I cant pick up much if at all coloration.
The Kurre's bigger bro the Kama2 The midrange of these are just amazing thanx to its audax drivers. The guy who designs these speakers is the ex lead designer for Linn. Its morel tweeters give out detailed high end without being harsh. Alot like the 580/600.

There really isnt much point going with a Tannoy MX1 or similar speakers as my 7 yr old sony mini compo system sounds better than it.

For me right now I think im gonna be spending alot on cds
So hard to find good cd recordings though.
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