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my CMOY :) (getting there)

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Hi guys,

I just started my CMOY amp

So far I managed to get the front and back panels of the enclosure done
It may not sound like alot but it took ages to do.

The plastic was too thick and I couldn't get the nut and bolts to connect so had to make the plastic thinner

Did any of you guys go through this?

Tomorrow Im going to do the circuit boards

Are Solen and ME caps any good in your opinion?

Im going for dual mono volume control and trying to fit it (2 pots, 1 switch and 1 line in jack) in the front panels is such a *beep* to do hehe

I got a 1mm tip for the soldering iron, is tihs small enough?
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I spent all afternoon trying to fit all the parts into my pcb and finally got everything to fit

Does it matter if the 2 big 0.1uF caps are next to each other?
I got massive solen caps that take up 1/4 of the board each on a board 20x16.

What parts should be apart from each other or it doesnt matter?

Thanks !!
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placing them colse together doesn't reallt matter. look for instance on www.meier-audio.com for a pic of the Corda's PCB. has four caps placed very tightly together.
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Great thanks Braver

I just got the layout all sorted out...gonna double check it next weekend then start soldering

Do you wanna see the diagram of what the pcb is gonna look like? What a mess !
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hehe my first layout was terrible. do avoid using too many wires tho, besides looking bad, they'll make it harder to access the parts for troubleshooting.
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hehe im trying not to

I got 1 Q, in the power supply diagram...if I exlucde the led and its resistor R1, do I have to increase R2 and R3 from 4.7k to 5k resistors?
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Doh !! HELP !!!

Could someone please help me with putting the circuit diagram into the circuit board please

My dad said my design wont work sigh...
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I used to draw circuit schematics directly onto the board and put parts accordingly.

This is your first project so don't be clever, ok? You might want to lay the design on breadboard first.


P.S. Don't worry about making the amp high quality. You should be concentrating on learning to build the amp right. Try to do two things at once and you will do both wrong. (Besides, with generic parts, CMOY amp is already way better than other headphone amps twice the price range.)
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Hi Tomo,

Thanks for the advice

I think Im going to use low quality parts and make sure it works 1st hehe.

Going to re-draw everything tomorrow and solder during the weekend
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Hi guys

Finally found the time to work on my cmoy...before the case is done, now the ic's, resistors and some of the wire connections are done
Im nearly home woo hoo...just got to solder the caps and I got my cmoy ...im going to be going with a gain of 6 rather than 11.

If this works, Im going to port it to a really nice hand made case.

Man Multicore tinner is bloody awesome !! gets me really nice connections as far as my first time newbie soldering skills can manage

My first attempt was a failure I soldered the ic into the wrong place LOL when I finally got it of (the desoldering braid didnt work) I burnt the traces off the protoboard

damn the protoboard is expensive...10 bux
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Originally posted by Ctn

My first attempt was a failure I soldered the ic into the wrong place LOL when I finally got it of (the desoldering braid didnt work) I burnt the traces off the protoboard

yeah, desoldering braid sucks

nice to hear your project is coming to a close, mine is at hold for a while...I ditched my soldering iron, wasn't much left of it. my uncle has the parts I need and probably an iron I can borrow, but I need to find some time.
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Hey, you gotta get used to solder braid. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone gotta fix it. When you get used to it, you will be able to do it in your sleep.

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Hi Braver,

Not really close yet as my soldering skills is a total shocker
I have enough components to build 6 cmoys
Aww what happened to your iron?
Soldering was very very very frustrating but a good learning experience for me.

Want me to post pictures when Im done so you can laugh at my non existent soldering skills

Hi Tomo,

How do you use the desoldering braid? I think it would have been better if it were less flexible hehe. I cant get it into place when the solder melts It moves, I only have so many hands to hold the pcb, solder/braid, and iron.
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yeah, for some serious soldering, it would be nice to have something to stick the PCB in so it wont move all the time...

soldering isn't too hard tho IMO. bit of solder on the tip, hold the tip against the board and the pin that sticks out and then push the solder againt the pin AND the board till it flows and get the hell out of there

I bet I was doing something wrong with the iron as the tip would get black after a while and the only way to get that off again was to use sandpaper. also the solder seemed to slowly burn into the iron or something....
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The way I got around that was to rup the tip on paper to get rid of the burnt solder hehe then dip in in some tinner to get it all nice and shiny

I found out after a while then I wasnt suppose to use the point to melt the solder hehe...the "flatter" surface of the two which are so fine melts solder really quick.
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