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I edit regulary my post to updated it.
So at this day 24/6/08, i have 300 hours on it.
I'll continue until mature sound.
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Update :

After 50 hours :
This is the born of the amp.
it's the minus burning time to have a stable amp.
Before, i wasn't able to keep the headphone on my head more than few minutes.
Now, sound is ok.
Punchy, clear, detail with great bass and good treeble, medium take there place.
It' doesn't sound so good than my hornet, but start to comp with.
wait and see...

Nota :
I use my burning plug to burn the amp.
It's an ordinary mini jack with 10 ohm resistor.
So, maybe if you use a differente load ( as an headphone 32 ohm) time could be more longer to obtain same result.

80 hours :
Nothing special.
Good stable sound.burning process do this job.
Lake of open aera.Lake of natural flavour, for the rest it's perfect.
More detail and powerful than the Hornet.
Nota :
I burn it with the dac and there is a lot of change.
The dac sound cleaner and less artificial.
At the begining, my iMod sound cleaner as source, now it seems to be egal than PC-USB-Predator dac.

100 Hours :
Sound indentical as 80 hours, but too much Bass now (maybe they take there place ).
i'm waiting for an improvement with medium and open Aera witch give it a better natural sound.
if it's hapen, sound 'll be perfect.

120 Hours :
Magic sound is born.
all is perfect.
Deep bass, great treeble, perfect medium.
Open Aera is there witch give a natural sound.
Detail and more punchy than the Hornet, it drive without probleme my GS 1000.
I'll continue the process to know if there are some improvement, but even if it stay like that, it's sound GREAT.

140 Hours :
Sound as 120 Hours, but Higher Dynamic (witch was soon great ), it's incroyable.
it's sound like a great dynamique powerful Amp, absolutely not as an tube amp ( like my Hornet ).
Very sensitive on the source quality and with an immediate respons.
I hope during buning process sound 'll become more warmer.

180 Hours :
No change compare to 140 Hours...

200 hours :
Change in the treeble section.
Higher and clearer.
More equilibrate bw deep bass and treeble, sound great with the mid, just a lack of warm and open aera...
Great presence, 3D scene.
Sound change slowly comparse to the begining of the burning process.
Changes are subtitles.

220 hours :
The sound i'm looking for begin to appears.
Dac, principal change, it's start to change and become more "Musical", less neutral and very detail.
It's like you have pull off a filter, incredible..GREAT improvement.
Sound of the amp start to become more open and have a great backstage image.
Wait and see, but it's on the right way.

260 hours :
Great sound when i use it with the internal dac.Nothing wrong to tell.
When i use it with the imod source:
Sound égal to the Hornet with alo imod doc cable (blackgates inside the plug).
Don't comp with the Hornet when i use Pvcaps ( less natural sound) and prefer listen it throught the usb cable to my computer for the moment.

300 Hours :
Like at 260 hours.
Perfect sound through the Usb Dac, only pleasure.
The best sound i have heard until now.
Concerning the analogical source (imod and Pvcaps), i'm not in love with it for the instance, i prefer the result with the Hornet.
Not enough Open and Warm.
So i continue the job.

340 Hours :
Great sound through the USB dac, very sensitive with the quality of the records, you heard everythings.
More pleasant sound with imod source.
The sound get slowly more open and more natural than before.
it's like there is a better equalization bw bass, treeble, medium.
Great presence an 3D sound with the 2 sources.

500 Hours :
Sound have really improve at 480 hours and continue slowly.
All is in order, and it's very pleasant to listen it with or without dac.
Detail, dynamic, NATURAL.
there is a little lake in the open aera and warm compare to the Hornet, but sound is globaly BETTER.
The Predator is very sensitive on the record quality and reveal all the glorious sound or trouble...
It's a killer !

i'll continue until i obtain more warm and open aera, but this burning process worth the pain.
It's a new amp, absolutely not the same than out of the box, and think it'll be my better amp.
Perfect for low volume level of listening session.

550 Hours :
Sound reach the stars.
I have obtain the sound than i was looking for since the start.
It's my better amp at this day.
I was so deasapointed at start of the burning session, than i just want say to the others, take time to burn it.
I'll continue beacause i'm sure there'll be some improvement, but it's yet my best amp (and you know, i'm in love with the hornet).
500 hours again and i'll give you a detail comment about the sound.

700 hours :
Predator is definitively better than my old Hornet.
Same sound signature with just more dynamique.
Perfect amp.
my old hornet can comp with Predaor if i use x cryo sylver cable from Alo.
So the gape bw the 2 amp is not so big and it's confortme.
When you choose an RSA Amp, it's always a top choice.

Burning process, wait and see...

I use a mini jack with 2X5 Kohm as load and i'm sure it's the reason why i obtain a great sound with only 120 hours.
I f you use a 32 hom headphone as load, time 'll be 3X longer for the same result.
I hope it cans help other people to burn it, and the special load worth the job.
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Rico, can you give a bit more detail as to this "2X5 Kohm mini-jack" you used? Would I find such a thing at my local Radio Shack?
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Wow, no offense intended but the burn-in reports I keep reading on the Predator just come across as tediously minute. 20, 40, 50 hour intervals? Seriously? What's the reason for stopping every 40 or 50 hours? All I see as important is the difference between "stock" zero-hour and 500 hours, and 500 hours to 1000 hours. Stopping in-between just seems completely unnecessary. Not that the short intervals aren't appreciated by some people of course, but what's the point when the Predator is claimed to burn in up to 1000 hours?

I also know if I was burning in an amp in such short intervals and documenting burn-in hours, that would sap out all the fun of listening, I don't know how you guys keep doing it.
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I see the frequent reporting as a service of a sorts. People pop in and say, "This is what my Predator sounds like now, so what will it do next?" or "When will it sound good enough to enjoy?", etc...

In a way I agree though, that the milestones are much fewer - 300-350 hours to sound nice, 500-600 to be impressive sounding, and 1000-1200 to be magnificent.
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i understand you, but it's just like a mémo.
When i stop the burn in process and listen the amp.
Like that, it's more easier to compare sound bw hours.
I hope it cans help other people to do the same thing, because time of burn in is very long.
i prefer give spontatneous impression even if it' s each 40 hours, than indicate regular or determinent time.
It' s spontaneous post, with good and bad things, lead only with the passion.
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