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MicroZOTL vs. Maxed Out Home ?

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Well, I'm almost ready to take the plunge on a home amp. My ETY 4S's are on the way. I got a Total Airhead for my portable needs. Now my fingers are itching for a home amp. I spoke to Todd at Headroom today and he said that the Maxed out Home with some HD600's would blow me away. No question.

Then I started seeing lots of posts about the ZOTL. The cool thing is that Berning lives about 30 minutes from my house. Besides being about $250 cheaper, I'm wondering how the two would compare. I like a certain amount of rock music (Dire Straits, Kings X, whatever) as well as some jazz and pop. Will the ZOTL crank for rock requirements? Strong bass?
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I posted a comparison a few months back, so if you a search back to 90 days ago you should find it. Bottom line: I sold my MOH for the ZOTL. Todd is correct that the MOH would blow you way but so would a few others including the ZOTL. I find it does rock just fine. The thing you would give up is crossfeed, although I have a seperate DIY box that does that for me.
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What exactly is crossfeed? Is this something I need to get? I'm thinking about getting the microZOTL too.
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Crossfeed is a way of letting your left ear hear the right channel and vice versa... similar to how speakers work and real concerts as your ears can hear both sides. Personally, I do not like crossfeed, I feel it cuts too much soundstage... it just does not hold a hair to binaural recordings...
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IMO, crossfeed is the devil. Some people like it, though. How about this: order the Maxed out, then go to david's house and compare the two. Headroom gives you 30 days to return anything.
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While a few recordings don't get along with crossfeed, I can't listen to my good headphones without HeadRoom's crossfeed filter anymore. It just makes the music so much more realistic, and so much less fatiquing. I don't feel it harms the soundstage at all -- if anything it makes it more real.
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Once again, try it out yourself. Johnny- you're not me, and you're not MacDef. Use our words as hints but make the decision yourself. Neither MacDef nor myself can predict what you will prefer.
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