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VLC4iPhone; FLAC and OGG come to iPhone!!!!

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this new project will enable iPhone users to play XviD, OGG and FLAC files on the iPhone.

The project is still in it's early stages but it looks very promising.
When FLAC and OGG is available on the iPhone it will become even better as a High-Quality DAP and gain ground on the iriver and/or cowon players.

see this link for more info:
The VLC media player brought to iPhone/iPod Touch! - ZodTTD: Home Of Homebrew


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this brings the iphone/ipod touch one step closer to being a real PMP. expanded video support is a huge thing.
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Interesting news.
With the iPhone SDK out it was just a matter of time before something like this would show up.
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from what i´ve heard till now, expect basic mp3 and WMA support, its far from supporting ogg, flac and ape,
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a user replaceable battery would be quite helpful
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This is basically what I've been waiting for on my iTouch Once DivX gets on this thing...
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UPDATE: Researched a bit more into this, there's a new beta which OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS FLAC AS WELL AS H.264 AND XVID!!!

A new beta of vlc4iphone is out. Support for XviD, FLAC, MPEG4, and more! - ZodTTD: Home Of Homebrew

Not sure about DivX though, transferring money into PayPal as I type this so I can download it
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you have to pay for it?
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You have to pay for the beta versions.
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quite excited indeed. i was about to sell the damn thing as it sounds rubbish and has shyte battery life and is ugly as f***. but now that vlc is out and it will playback ogg and flac; oh i cannot wait.
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Originally Posted by idiotekniQues View Post
a user replaceable battery would be quite helpful
Yep... you can do that too...

US$7.29 iPhone Replacement Battery Kit Could Be a Bad Plan | Gizmodo Australia
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actually, i love the fact that apple replace your ipod pretty much if your battery is dead. you basically swap it out. the new one can then be resynced. it is such a good system. do that with a meizu, cowon, zune etc -- all of headfi's golden players that 'sound' so much better.
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happy beta tester

i've got it... entered the beta release program a few days ago and so far its great; it supports DivX/XviD, MP3, OGG, FLAC, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc. as well as streaming video and audio via HTTP, MMS, and (experimental) RTSP.

.....and will be entering public release pretty soon as it's in v0.9.8 Beta. I'm yet to test if .mov support means that it can actually play uncompressed .wav or .aiff. Now I just wish it had a memory card slot or was compatible with a third party memory card reader. Oh well 16gb will do me for a while. and i'm sure SOMEONE will release one sooner or later. I love this phone ....once hacked it is really a wonderful little device. Also means that my rig is actually portable... even when my pico gets here the fact that I don't have to carry a phone AND a DAP in my pocket really cuts down on 'pocket bulge'.

I'll be re-ripping a few CD's in .FLAC, .ogg and some high bitrate .mp3's for comparison before pulling the trigger on days of work doing my whole collection.
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damn,........... sweet !!!! I hope the ends up being applicable to the Touch V2 :-O oh yeah!!!
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id rather buy an m99i
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