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Advice on 20"-22" LCD?

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I'm looking to buy my dad a BBW (big, beautiful widescreen... har har) LCD monitor for Fathers' Day. He works from home four days a week and is still using an old CRT. His eyesight isn't great already, but staring at a CRT that much can't make it any better... and he loves gadgets (don't we all?).

Anyway, I'd like to spend up to about $200 though I'd be willing to go a little over that for a good 22". The monitor doesn't need to have speakers or USB ports or anything like that -- and my dad isn't a gamer. I'd just like it to be something that has a decent contrast ratio, looks nice, and is reliable. Honestly, I don't think he even needs a DVI input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially timely help. I'm hoping to order something tomorrow! And specific places to buy would be very helpful as well.

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compusa.com was selling a refurb 22inch gateway for $179 last week, check and see if thats still available

its the same monitor i use and i love it. Its packed with all those features you say you dont need, but the price is right. Its got vga, dvi, component, s video, composite and 4 usbs

edit: doesnt look like it is available any more, but they have newer gateway models available refurbished right in your price range
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I would definitely go with a 22" monitor for work related use. A 22" monitor running native resolution (1680x1050) can have two full size internet windows, Word documents, whatever, placed side-by-side and not have to use side-scroll within those windows.

Suprisingly, the best deal I found for a name-brand 22" monitor was at Walmart. In-store only.

Walmart.com: Acer 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor, AL2223WD: Computers

You can find cheaper, but only by going to fairly obscure brands, which wouldn't say much for reliability..
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I would definetely recommend DVI, but anyway, I think it will be hard to find one without. And also, get either 20" or step up to 24" cause of the resolution. 22" is having the same resolution as 20" which makes it less ideal IMO.
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First of all, you're going to want a DVI out from the PC- it's like wanting a digital out over a analog out with hi-fi stuff...less stuff trying to decode, the better (imo). Secondly, it depends on what your dad uses it for- you say he's not a gamer, but does he watch a lot of videos on it? If he watches a lot of video, he'll still somewhat want a gamer-like monitor...aka- 5ms or less display give or take.

VA panel LCDs offer a better color and MUCH more vivid detail over a TN panel, but the VA isn't usually as fast (slower response time). All in all, if he's just an average person that watches some movies here and there, plays a game every now and then, and types/reads online... a TN panel is probably the cheapest route, and it gets the fastest response time (2ms+).

Buy.com has my Samsung 909BW for $180.93 after shipping, and it has a 2ms response, 2000:1 contrast, and a great picture for a TN panel. The contrast ratio is HIGHLY over-rated because it has major flaws, but that gets technical and really shouldn't be worried about unless you're a artist.

Anyway, sorry for the babbling...up 26 hours now, but I hope that helps a bit (just a little I hope x_x)
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If I was going to buy a new screen, I would definetely not choose a TN panel, because of their bad viewing angle. My advice is to get one with a S-IPS panel.
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Originally Posted by nor_spoon View Post
If I was going to buy a new screen, I would definetely not choose a TN panel, because of their bad viewing angle. My advice is to get one with a S-IPS panel.
Depends on the specific display. Some TNs are crap...I've seen some that have a 30 degree angle with degradation at 0°, and some with perfect angle at 0°, but crap anywhere else. But that brings another good point, so I'll elaborate a bit.

- TN panels: lower viewing angle turns to black
- IPS panel: widest viewing angles, almost no degradation at 50°
- VA panel: above viewing angle and the side mainly tends to whiten a bit.

Sadly VA has a response in the range of 25ms - 12ms or something like that...which is garbage unless you're an artist . IPS are EXTREMELY expensive...
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It's getting harder and harder to find IPS-based monitors because of the pricing. Even many of today's 24-inch panels use TN, and pretty much all 22-inch panels are TN. That said, viewing angles on a PC monitor aren't as important as on, say, a TV since 99% of the time you should be sitting dead center at the desktop.

I have two 22-inch Acer TN-based LCDs (mounted on an Ergotron dual stand). They're not pro-photographer good, but as a data jockey they're perfectly adequate for me. And I never run out of screen space!
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I choose color reproduction over response time. I have a Sony
SDM-S205F with 16ms response time, and having no problems with ghosting.
It's wise to not trust the numbers blindly, because there are many ways to measure the response time.
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I'm pretty sure theres NO IPS panels in the 22 inch range.
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Best bang for the buck is without a doubt the BenQ G2400W.
I know it's a 24" but it costs like 330$CAD
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Newegg.com - Acer AL2216Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDCP support 300 cd/m2 700:1 - LCD Monitors

I have it. It's more than adequate for most users. That's baring Sport Illustrated photographers and the like. Ignore the suggestions for IPS etc. They are too expensive. TN panels are just fine. I even photo edit on a calibrated one... gasp!
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Thanks for the advice, guys!

I ordered the 22" Acer AL2216W from buy.com -- they had the best price after a 5% off coupon and their 2-day shipping was under $6. With shipping and tax it came out to $228.20... a pretty good deal, I think.

My dad doesn't really need DVI because the two computers he uses are an old Dell Latitude from work (probably 3+ years old) and the desktop my parents got me for college... in 2001. He'll turn 63 this fall and his eyes aren't great, so ultra-high resolution isn't something he really needs anyway. In terms of viewing angle, he does sit right in front of the screen, and when he watches movies or TV it's always on the TV.

Lastly, I ended up deciding that if I could give him a slightly larger monitor for only about $40 more, I might as well do it... especially since right now his CRT is a non-WS 19", so the 20" models would have been shorter overall. I didn't know if that would matter, but bigger is cooler, if not necessarily much more useful.

So thanks again! I appreciate your great help. And now I know a thing or two I didn't before about monitors.
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You should check out the HP monitors. They make very sleek 19-24" monitors with very good response times and contrast ratios.
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I am very pleased with the Samsung 22" (SyncMaster 225BW) I have at work.
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