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Got a new pair of interconnects

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I just got my DH Labs Air Matrix interconnects in the mail from Ross (thanks! ). Expect a review soon! I'm sure someone would like to know how the DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 series II stacks up against its bigger brother.
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I, for one Dan am looking foward. Also, could you post your impression as they relate to the Bolder Cables? Thanks
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Well, the problem is that I auditioned the Bolder Cables with my Wheatfield HA-1 amp which I no longer have. So I really couldn't compare the Air Matrix with the Type 1 or Type 2 interconnect cables. I'll see if I can find anyone on campus with decent interconnects so I can compare with something else too. I guess the only way I could compare to the Bolder Cables is to compare to them through the BL-1 -- but that's not really a valid analysis since cables are so system-dependent.
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Shoot, and JMT's request was just what I was thinking of after I read the first post.

Oh well, I'm still curious in knowing how noticeable differences are between the DH Labs cables.
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How come I never heard of these cables? Are they a US brand?
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Dan, I'm glad the cables arrived safely, and I'm looking forward to your review.

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Yes, please go ahead. We need more info on ICs here, mainly because no one else writes about ICs in headphone systems. I would imagine that an IC that sounds great with speakers could sound lousy when paired with headphones, so we should try getting all the opinions we can on as many ICs as possible to make it easier when shopping in the future.
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Dan, where is this review you promised us?

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Hi Ross,

Being a college student who slacked off too much in the beginning of the semester means I have a lot of work to do from now pretty much straight through the end of the semester (mid-December). I probably won't be able to write a nice, comprehensive review until after finals are over (if I have a day or two here on campus before going on holiday). My review of the Bolder Cable Company's interconnects took quite a while -- probably a total of 10 hours of writing/revision time, as well as quite a bit of analytical listening time (probably about 10 hours as well). So please understand that if I do write a quick 1-2 day review, it won't be a full review.

For now, it'll have to suffice to say that the Air Matrix lets more bass through than the BL-1, which has made my system much better. Looks like I won't need to upgrade my source until the summer!
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