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Toroid Transformers Direct from Manufacture

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The below link is for a manufacture of Toroid Power and Audio transformers. Thay allow small Quanity and Prototype ordere Direct from them. This may help DIY'ers get the Transformers thay need without hassel. http://www.bcrn.com/Pages/PowerToroid.htm
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Rick hooked me up with a CT. toroid supplier once, but they were insanely expensive... And I don't think they made anything small for headamp purposes, 100VA was smallest. (Was doing Nelson Pass stuff at the time... 50w Zen space heater)

Rick, this the same one? I forgot the name of the place.
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never heard of these guys before.The company I hooked you up with is Avel Lindberg,a local company.Bicron is also in my state and not REAL far so may take some looking into.
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Hear is a couple of my old fav's Plitron at www.plitron.com has an extensive selection and includes Tube Power as well as output transformers. another i have used from time to time over the years is toroid Corp of MD. at www.toroid.com Thay also have an extensive standard selection with good quality as dose plitron. Quality is importent in a Toroid or it will have mechanical hum. nether Plitron ner Toroid corp's Transformers hum or Buz.
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I'm using a toroid from www.toroid.com and it's working quite well in my external stand-alone power supply right now. No hum, but I'm not sure if I would hear hum anyway from the circuit design.
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The Hum i was refering to is Mechanical noise from the Transformer not the Electrical Hum from the Transducers. Glad the Troid Corp Transformer worked well for you. BTW did you check out Plitrons Tube Audio transformers?
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Hmm, well for mechanical hum, I could actually feel a VERY slight vibration from the toroid when I put my hand on it, but it wasn't audible at all. Of course I don't notice this vibration when the toroid is in my enclosure.

Ah Plitron seems quite expensive but so is Toroid.com. The only reason I have the transformer I have is because I got it for $35 on eBay when it would normally be $72.
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Toroids will viberate but ones made with poor construction and loose windings will actualy Buz from the Vibration you felt, so if you can't hear it It is good. DC on the AC mains most often caused by Line operated Rectifires and Equipment that uses them will put small amounts od DC on the Power line and toroids Hate this and will Protest in some way. If it makes you feel any Better i Paid Plitron $160.00 Ea 15 years ago to custom make a 1KW power transformer for a High power Audio Amp. and i need Two of them.
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A question!!


I do not understand the advantages and the disadvantages of toroids. Jung said long ago that dual bobbin types are good at killing high freq noise in his regulator article series.

Please tell me,

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I have found that if the Transformer is in the same case as the Analog Electronics then only a Troid is going to Be hum free. Now you can move a conventional Laminated single Bobin or the Improved Split Bobbin types around in side the case for minimum hum but there will allways be trace amounts left over that you can hear with Headphones. The only way i have been able to have a totaly hum free Headphone amp using an intergrail Transformer is to (1) Conventional transformer in Plastic or similar enclosure (2) use a troid mounted in the posistion thats results in no hum. (3) A conventional or Split Bobbin Transformer compleatly encased in a Fariday cage perfered the cage be of NU-Metal. Numbers 2 and 3 can be metal enclosures rather than plastic, Wood Ect. There are some people that like split-Bobbin Transformers because thay have far less capacitence between the Pri. and Sec. windings. While this is good at reducing the Noise and EMI from the AC Mains this type of transformer still hums as well as those old standard single Bobbin Types. I do use Split-Bobbins alot but thay are always mounted in a separate Enclosure from the Analog electronics. I solve the EMI Problem with Mains Filtering from one of the manny Power Entry Modules with a High Attuation Filtor. Some of the more spendy ones have All the AC house Keeping Circuitry like Fuse, Power switch, IEC cord Connector and 115/230 Volt Transformer switching, all enclosed in a metal shield. (Verry importent ) Then additional AC filtering can be used on the Transformer secondary's like PI-Filtors ect...
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Perhaps there may be directionality?? I am not getting hum on my amp which has integrated dual bobbin type. Please refer to the pictures at:


You should notice that the transformer iron layers are perpendicularly to the amplifier board. PSU module is positioned parallel to the iron layers.

I know that shielding magnetic field is virtually impossible. What I know is that it will not propagate over distance. So all we can do is to keep trannies away from amps.

(Faraday Cage do not work as Magnetic field shield. Non-Zero charge concentration at the conductor boundary surface does not damp magnetic interference. However, it is true that electric field will be completely shielded by Faraday Cage.)

Perhaps it may have something to do with the ranges of interference. I know that E field str is much larger than M field str. So the range of M field will be smaller than E field range. (i.e. The distance at which field is no longer significant)

From my recent experience with tranny, it seems the distance from tranny does not need to be really large. For my amp, the distance is less than 10 cm. (CENTI-METER) Whata heck is going on here? It did not show up on my calculation!!


P.S. Leonids beautifully decorated the winter sky with trails of light much like fireworks. I saw like 50 meteors this morning. It was exstatic experience; I have never ever seen meteor showers. Only thing missing was higher temperature; I got frozen ... Soooo sooo cold here!!
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All i can say is it worked for me. In addition the Plitron Toroid i used in my Loudspeaker power amp is right next to the Amos input circuitry and is Dead silent. but it was Custom made for me with unique bi-Filleer windings and a Nu-metal band around the outside. True moving a split-bobbin tranny around in a Active Buffered Preamp i made years ago using a pair of LH-0033 Buffers reduce the hum but did not totaly eliminate it then putting the trans in the cage eliminated it. i have had similar experences with lots of other Equipment.
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The problem with magnetic intereference is the wave impedance is usually low. In other words, while E field interference is usually reflected, magnetic interference is usually absorbed. As Tomo notes, distance is a good solution.

Actually, the quietest geometry is the Pot core followed by ER core, E Core and then Toroid. According to an app-note, magnetic shields are usually ineffective due to high reluctance in the air gap. In other words, they don't provide much effective shielding.
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I understand all this but i go with what works and what i hear or can Measure. But as with most everything in Electronics i am Finding that theroy is just a good starting point and will not nessisarly give a solution that works in a given Application. Maby this may explain my use of Different Solutions that most folks are used to.
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