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Best Budget DAC?

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What is the best DAC out there with budget in mind? I have mostly >256kb music and lossless/FLAC whenever I can. My price range is ~$100, my headphones are Sennheiser HD555. I don't know if it's worth it to get a a DAC or a Grado SR60's. Thanks for your input guys.
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Do you need an amp in addition to a DAC? If so, there is a Beresford TC-7510 Mk6/3 in the For Sale-Source forum for $100, which is a great deal for the unit. I have the same model, and with my roomate's HD555's, I found it a considerable upgrade to coming straight out of an X-Fi Xtreme Music soundcard.

The only downside I'd say is that the Beresford is not USB and requires a digital output from the computer (either digital coax or Toslink), which not all PCs have, but is a fairly inexpensive upgrade.

With dual inputs and outputs, the TC-7510 also gives you a lot of versatility if you want to use mutiple sources or speakers, in addition to headphones.
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You might want to look at the Super Pro DAC707. It is a USB and nonUSB version.
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maybe the emu-0202 too
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The Silverstone EB-01 fits your budget. I'd say it's decent.
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Originally Posted by tpc41 View Post
maybe the emu-0202 too

I have both EMU 0202 USB and the HD 555. IMO great synergy, though I am using an EQ. It's definitely worth getting it IMO, the difference between integrated audio (ALC 650) was huge.
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Get an Alien DAC.
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Are the outputs on the 0202 true line outs?

I'm debating between the 0202 and the SuperPro USB.
The extra features on the 0202 seem nice, but not sure if I would ever use them.
From a straight DAC-only use, does anyone know which has better components?
To be pared with a Little Dot MKIII and HD580s.
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0202 vs superpro bump
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Is there a pre made version available? or is it all diy?
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I usually recommend Marshal (MisterX on the forum), he does great work, very well respected builder and a great contributor to the community - it's his design.
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