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I bought an Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 Air Headphone from siddiquehanif.

Communication was always fast and to the point and the delivery impeccable and fast.

I will gladly deal with siddiquehanif again!

Thanks again for the stunning phones!
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I sold my D2000 to siddiquehanif. Th etransaction was smooth, with a fast payment and excellent communication.

I would not hesitate to deal again.
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Bought a pair of D2000 from Siddique. One of the fastest shipping ever and that is from Dubai to Shanghai (3 days) and tracking was easy to use. He practically shipped the headphones few hours after I confirmed all my information. He packaged the headphone really well with big box, small Styrofoams topped with bubble wraps. Condition of the headphones are as described, which is quite MINT. Communication during the transaction was easy and quick.

I gladly recommend him to all head-fiers.
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siddique purchased my K701s. He had great communication, paid lighting quick and let me know when they arrived. Overall it was a great transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him in the future. Thanks again siddique and enjoy the new cans
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I bought the Pico from siddiquehanif,very quick reponses and fast delivery,very good man,will trade in the future

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Sold my GCHA amp to Saddique. He paid instantly and was very polite and appreciative that I sent it overseas. Would like to deal with him again.
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Siddique bought my K501s. Communication was excellent and he paid VERY quickly. He was always polite in his PMs and I would gladly deal with him again.
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Bought the AKG K701, everything went perfect, I'd set him up on a date with my sister anytime.

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I bought a Senn HD-650 from him.
During the transaction, he was always responsive which I felt very appreciative.
The phones arrives a little too long but it turns out a steal for me Almost brand-new.

Thanks again for the phones.
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Siddique purchased my pair of Sony SA5000's. Friendly, prompt communication, immediate payment - an ideal buyer! Thanks for the great transaction and enjoy the 'phones!
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Bought a ZU MKII from Siddique, very fast shipping and good communication. Recommend to everyone!
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Just bought a pair of SONY headphones from Siddique.
Worked out flawlessly, very communicative, super fast shipping, and the gear vas in super condition.
100% positive from me.
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I sold an ALO iMod cable to siddiquehanif, and payment was almost instant. It was a great international transaction, everything went very smooth. He is very polite and personable, and we communicated well. I would definately do it again. Thanks siddiquehanif!
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I sold a set of PROline 750 headphones to Siddique. Transaction was smooth, good communication, quick payment. I would not hesitate to deal with Siddique again. Highly recommended.
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Arranged a deal about a K501 (and perhaps a HD600) for siddique. He instantly paid the amount to me, which I forwarded to the seller. Very uncomplicated deal with very good communication. Thanks siddique!
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