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How do people feel about the Headroom Supreme?

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I realize this sort of thing has probably come up before in other threads, but I am interested to see how people feel about it compared to other amps. It is sort of a mute point seeing as I have already bought it but I am still curious. It seemed like a good compromise between cost, portability (I am not someone who is overly concerned with things being tiny) and power. The cosmic is of course a real option, but do people think 90 % of an excellent amp (the cosmic) is still a very good amp (the supreme)? I will be using Senn HD-580s at home with a CAL Icon Mk II cdp, and a Sony D-777 with ER-4S's on the road, so I have good sources and headphones. I guess the whole point of this is will I be happy? Oh, musical taste ranges from classical to bands like the Sea and Cake and Tortoise, to electronica. I await any and all opinions.
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Don't Go there!

I mean that tongue in cheek-but it's always a mistake to ask for info after you've bought the toy.

I have the cosmic, and love it-sure the supreme is almost as cool. Great build quailty and from a fine company. Drives my ERs fine, and your other stuff is much better than my sources. Should be dandy.

But don't listen to us-listen to your ears-they never lie ;-)

hapy listening...

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You'll be happy.
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I hope you enjoy the D-777
I just got my supreme from headroom, and it is absolutely amazing. It makes a much bigger difference in your sound than the CD Player will. I absolutely love this amp!
I have no idea how close it comes to the cosmic in sound, but I think its an incredible value for what it does.
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I really LOVE crossfeed!!!
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BTW, I'm using Ety 4S. I will be getting the Senn HD-600s soon hopefully.
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Originally posted by utdeep
I really LOVE crossfeed!!!
Crossfeed is the best.
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Yeah, my HeadRoom package just arrived at my sisters office, and I am condemned to wait until December 22nd to see it. Damn You Russia!!! I am here until Christmas, while my sister describes the amp as "cute". AHHHHHH!!!! I am stuck with a pcdp (CT 780...a bargain here in Russia...I paid 100 bucks) and headphones that it cannot drive too well (HD 580s)...well they are still better than the ear buds. I am impressed with the sound of it though compared to the old aiwa that I had....I am excited to here utdeep's D-777 which should also find its way into my sister's hands in the next couple of days. If she only knew the pleasures of audiophilia, she would realize that she has an insane portable setup, but I doubt she will use it...oh well...I cannot wait for my crossfeed.....where is the salivating smiley when you need it???
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There are so few Russians around here...

By the way, not to make you nervous, but be careful about the electronics you buy in Russia. When I visited in June I went to a lot of the markets in Moscow (being fluent and having no accent makes it possible to get decent deals ), but my cousin who lives there told me that most of the electronics are really just brought in part-by-part and assembled by hand. The tariffs are much higher on completed goods, and so resellers make a lot more money by just assembling themselves.

By the other way: and I thought I was in the boonies out here in the Berkshires!
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I changed my mind about the supreme. The crossfeed is cool, but comparing it to my JMT altoid amp I am hard pressed to justify the cost. There's a tiny advantage in the sound category, and the build quality is impeccable (it IS bullet proof), but the damn battery pack is the size of a second supreme!! That's absolutely ridiculous. 4 D Cells for 20 hours? I only need one 9V for my altoid amp, and it works for at least 20 hours. There also appears to be some very low level noise.
I like the gain switch and the cross feed, but the battery pack really ruins the portability. Unfortunately, I no longer consider this worth $400.
I'm packing it up right now so I don't have to spend any more time looking at this gorgeous amp. I'm more happy with the awesome headphone bag I got from them.... I'm not going to be storing headphones in it but will be using it for my "portable heaven" system, cables, altoid amp, and backup battery box. It really offers a lot of protection for the money ($19).
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DanG, first of all, let me say that I was in Moscow a couple of weeks ago, and the sl-ct780 that I picked up at Gorbushka was certainly a "real" one. It came in that incredibly annoying to open plastic packaging, with all the panasonic docs and so on...plus, the plug was for 110v, which means someone obtained it from america....the european versions were actually a little more expensive. If somehow it was assembled piece by piece, molodtsy to the russian black market because this thing is sweet. As for Vladivostok being in the boonies, no more so than Williamstown or Middlebury...well, maybe with respect to going anywhere ELSE...(9 hour flight to moscow comes to mind).

P.S. Middlebury is going to be having purple hamburgers again this winter once the hockey season starts
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9 hour flight to moscow comes to mind
You mean as opposed to a 3-hour drive to Boston and New York City?

About the 780 -- yeah, that sounds like a smuggled item. I actually went to the Moscow market looking specifically for a European model of the SL-CT570 so I could get the optical output with it. I had some luck, but I decided I really didn't want to buy without really having done much research. I'm happy now, since I have little use for a portable CDP around here.
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