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GPS Navigation

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We are moving to Minneapolis, MN in a few months. My wife is going to be driving the car down from Vancouver and has asked for a GPS Navigation unit to help her on her way. Since it's a 30 hour drive, and we have made planned stops at specific motels (that will allow us to bring our dog in), do we need to have something like multi-destination built into the unit, or can most units do this?

Further, anyone have any recommendations?

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You could do multi destination, but since you're making prolonged stops at each destination, you could just do it location by location as you go. I think my GPS does multi-destination planning, but I never use the feature! I would always bring a written copy of the destinations/addresses just in case too. GPSs are hot targets for thieves, plus you wouldn't want to program a week long trip and then have the battery die and you lose the info, or some other catastrophe that is sure to hit at the most inopportune time!
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I've never used multiple destinations, but am very happy with my TomTom. Got Dad one for Christmas last year and he's nuts about it, too. Mine was a gift from a friend, so I never went through the shopping process and haven't compared it against other brands. I'm sure there are other good ones, but I like the TomTom enough to stay with them.
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I am not sure I can teach my wife how to program the GPS unit every day, but I can show her how to charge it each night - that's what my concern is. Are they difficult to program it with each destination? She can't program a VCR, or even use my multi remote for that matter. Or could I pre-program the destinations in as "favourite places"? and then she would just have to select the correct favourite place each day?

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GPS units are easier to use than a vcr. You just type in the address and hit go. It's so simple, even my dad figured out how to do it without calling me... and that's saying something! You could also put the addresses in a favourites list to help your wife out if she doesn't know how to type.

As far as charging goes, just leave it plugged in when in the car and it'll get all the juice it needs. Battery would probably die on a long trip if you didn't do this anyway.
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Okay, great - thanks for the help!
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