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Yep, those Panasonic caps are more expensive than even Black Gate from high margin low volume exotic vendors. I don't know but Panasonic seems to think too highly of themselves. Their FC series is also more expensive than audio grade Nichicons as thomas noted. Too bad all these caps can't be found from normal retailers. They all sell only generic Nichicon's, ELNA's and Rubycon's. Who for example sells those Slimlic ELNA's? Same thing with audio resistors - Vishay makes bulk foil but go to their website and look up who are their distributors. For regular resistors, there are tons of them all over the world. For bulk foil? Only one - the factory in the US itself. I'd really love to get some SMD versions but it doesn't seem likely you can get them from anywhere except factory direct. Only Holco can be had in SMD, although it is quite expensive ($1.6 ea?!), much more so than regular through hole.
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Hi Guys,

I dunno much about this but how good are Solen caps?
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Solen's are good polypropylene capacitors. Available in very large sizes, over 100uF, which is positively huge for film capacitors! They can be used for signal decoupling or for power supply decoupling (that's what I use them for). They're not fit for a small portable devices since they're quite large even in under 1uF sizes, but that can't be helped if you want a polypropylene capacitor.
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Yeah I 2nd that they are HUGE, 2 0.1uF caps fills more than half of my circuit board 20x16.

What about ME caps These are used in the power supply of my cmoy. ME as in ME amplifiers
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Hi Ctn

What about ME caps These are used in the power supply of my cmoy. ME as in ME amplifiers
Unfortunately, I doubt that many of the guys in here have heard of ME and their components (being an Australian company ). From what I've read, Peter Stein (the owner/designer of ME) gets most of his components made to spec and is *very* fussy about quality/tolerances/etc.

Send an email to Trevor Wilson and ask him his thoughts on the ME caps.

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Ok, comparing ROA Cerafines to the same size KZ Muse... as both a signal coupling cap and as filter / reservoir caps... no compare. Easily the Cerafines.

I've also used the Fine Golds; FGs and KG Gold Tunes (big snap mounters)

And none of the Nichi's are the same as Cerafines. GS4s are good supply caps, but the same capacitance made from parallel'd ROAs... well, that's not really fair. That's true for any cap as Tomo says... 1 12kuF vs 5 2200uF is just not fair. And either way about the same price. Damn expensive. (not rubycon WKZ "holy ****!" expensive, but still...)

I'm sure they're all good caps; but I think as far as electrolytics there's a reason everyone fell in love with those damn Elnas... they sound good in audio.

Back on it, hsnam... Screw? Snap? Radial? Axial? What are the space considerations? etc etc... from Nichi/UC/Ruby/Elna/Chemi/Illi/Pana/Mallo/CDE... more more more... someone's got a cap for ya. I've been using the Pana TSUs, snap mount minis... good ESR/ESL, average leakage, and in 20k sizes that are still smaller than a beercan... depends on what you want I'd guess. (ie. too leaky for a timing circuit but makes a good battery emulator.
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Elna sounds tempting, but where can I get some of these? Wellborne is the only Elna source I know, and it only carries small values only.

I was going to build a low profile PS and amp, so that it'd fit on a 1/2 U rack case, but I might just get a new enclosure.
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Hi KrunchyK,

That's who I got it from
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Hmm ok so 1.75"/44mm... shave a bit for internal dimensioning, then subtract case top and bottom plates, the pcb, a standoff? So about 30mm. I'd aim lower to be safe. ~28mm. 1 inch and a smidge... Uhhh... "at least 5000" and "at least 35V" in low impedance high ripple, and cheap? (well, _reasonable_ anyway) And then in ~1" vertical space?

Ok, you're in trouble.

Nooo.. Not really. But you'll have to actually look at selection tables and read spec sheets. Most 4700/35s are gonna be 35mm tall, easy. So "stubbies" or axial, or parallel smaller values? What's the end product? That is, will the caps taking 3/4th of the half-rack case be a Bad Thing? (tm)

Like, ok, Pana TSUPs... 5600/35V actually fits... 25mm x 25mm. $~4/ea. There's also a 10kuF/35V that's 25mm tall, but 35mm dia. (think of a "D" cell cut in half) $~5/ea. These are leaky... 1.4mA. That's m not u. To get computer grade ones much lower leak and about the same ripple current... $20 each. Worth it? Dunno, we're back to depends on what you want...
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thanks apheared!
i do definitely need a larger case.
from what vendor are you getting these prices? (e.g., $4 for Pana caps, etc)
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Digi-Key. The Panasonic store. They must get Panasonic stuff really really cheap.
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