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Headroom "Reference Module"

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Does anyone have any opinions on Headroom's new offerings with their "Reference Module" ? It's offered as an upgrade from the "Premium Mod" in their new Maxed Out Home and I'm looking for the best bang for the buck I can get. I'm also intrigued by what I've seen here regarding the MicroZOTL , which is quite a bit less expensive. They seem like two very different approaches. Frankly, I'm a little bit conflicted about the tube vs ss issue since the only other amps I've heard were the Xcan v2 and the Creek obh11. Although I preferred the Xcans I sent them back and I'm looking for something better. Has anyone heard them both ? I'm using Senn 600's.
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From what I know about the reference module from talking to Headroom, it sounds more like spending a lot more money to squeeze out a little better sound rather than a good bang for the buck thing. I've also read that the Xcan v2 is not your typical sounding tube amp. I personally think the ZOTL is great, with a nice airy, liquid sound without being too tubey sounding, making the Max sound a bit dry in comparison.
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Best MicroZOTL source ?

KurtW, thanks for your input.

If you don't mind me asking, from what source did you purchase your MicroZOTL ? I noted 3 listed on the Berning site & was wondering if one stands out as superior. Can you get them direct from David Berning ?
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I got mine directly from David Berning. He doesn't take credit cards though, or at least he didn't when I ordered mine a few months ago. By the way the support from him is excellent. He answered all of my emails within 24 hours, and alerted me when he shipped my unit. He also offered a 1-week trial period, after which the unit can be returned for a refund minus a $35 rebox/restock charge, in the unlikely event that you don't like it.
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KurtW, I noticed in another thread you mentioned using a Corda crossfeed circuit with the MicroZOTL. Was that a DIY ? Do you know of any good ready made options for an external crosssfeed ? I definitely want to use some kind of crossfeed.

Also, what headphones do you prefer with the MicroZOTL ?

Thanks for your info !
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Dave, the crossfeed I use is a DIY based on the Corda circuit. It's real simple, 3 resistors and two caps total for stereo, not per channel. I found with the Corda I use one setting 95% of the time, so the box I made only has that setting to keep it simple. No disable switch either, it's always on. I don't know of any ready made options. If you aren't ready to do a easy DIY project I could probably help you out, just drop me a PM.

The ZOTL works well with every phone I've tried it with, but I usually use the HD600. The other day I didn't want to disturb someone else that was in the same room so I used the Sony V6 and it sounded better than I remember it ever sounding.
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I'm sure I could handle a simple project if I had specific enough info on hand. I looked at the schematics on the Corda site but having no experience they're somewhat greek to me. Perhaps there's a project outline somewhere around here ? I've still not seen every thing in the DIY forum so I'll keep rummaging around. Otherwise, I do really appreciate your offer of assistance. sounds like it should be pretty easy. I'd be excited to take a stab at it.

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Hey Dave, looking at how many times this post has been read, I think some people have been sneaking looks at our little conversation here. I thought it was just the two of us here.
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here's the schematic for a standalone meier x-feed.
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Thanks, Skippy, that's it. All five components exposed for all mankind to see. Just substitute decent RCA connectors for the triangles and stick it all in a small box (no need for a circuit board) and you got your self a crossfeed box. Just use good poly capacitors and low noise resistors. Use the box between the source (CDP) and the amp.
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Thanks Skippy, KurtW for your help. It does look pretty simple. If I wind up ordering the MicroZOTL or anything else without the crossfeed this will be a great help.

Also, have any of you MicroZOTL owners tried to use it as an amp for speakers ? I think the "personal amplifier" angle is interesting. I thought it'd be a nice optional use in a small room/office.

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