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Originally Posted by Baines93 View Post
Do you ship these UPS?

I had a UPS card today and they were shipped Mon/Tues i guess? Fast!

I have ordered a free tshirt from the US, and a free hat from a book shop (gotta love freebies!) and i dont think it is either of them, so it has to be the MX500's right?

Re-delivering tomorrow

Deliveryman, please let me know how these ship, im excited/confused!
Mine were shipped from CT, via UPS ground -- thought I'd let you know!
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If there are any still available I can do a review of the HD-201's (the only Senn's I own). They're my travel headphones and honestly sound better than the triports in my oppinion. I can easily do 60 seconds worth if theres still some mx500's left. Let me know
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Any left? I would like to do a comparative review of the HD201 vs HD202.
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No, competition finished last wednesday i think.

On the 3rd delivery attempt, last at dads house instead, i got them. Big box for a small pack!

They are nice. Comfortable with pads on. Case is good. Sound is pretty balanced all round, and they are nice to use when at home and i know someone will be calling me, otherwise i use my Livewires when i dont need the non-isolation. Nice though! Thanks alot Sennheiser!

I will be in the HD580 competition when you start it

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Indeed, i'll do a 1 hour review for a HD580.
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I can go one up! 61 Minutes!
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hehehe, bugger. I've lost then.
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Originally Posted by TheDeliveryMan View Post
Got video skills?

Think you're a good reviewer?

...then we have a cool, simple contest for you.

I have 20 pairs of MX500 in White finish that I will be giving away for FREE (a $25 value- and we'll pay shipping too!) to the first 20 unique head-fi members in the United States who post a YouTube (YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.) video review that meets these simple requirements:

+Must review any Sennheiser headphone:

+Must be at least 60 seconds in length

+Must not degrade Sennheiser or any other headphone manufacturer, their employees, services or products or

(comparison is fine-- example: "the PXC250 has better noise cancelling than _______" or "I liked the bass better on these HD650 than my old ______" ....we just don't want you to trash an entity for the sake of trashing them)

+Must live in the US

+Must include the Sennheiser model number and "review" in the title (example: "World's Best PX100 review!")

Post the *LINK ONLY* to your YouTube video as a reply to this thread. The first 20 replies, in chronological order, that meet the above requirements in its entirety will be sent an MX500 in White for free.

Tag your video with common search terms: headphone, Sennheiser, PX100, ipod headphones, etc etc, to get the most views. This is a race, but quality matters! OK so stop reading this and start shooting! Good luck!

*Only one review per head-fi member. Sennheiser is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. The contest ends once 20 links to qualified videos have been posted, or unless otherwise noted by Sennheiser. Rules and contest subject to change without notice.
I will do the YouTube video review if there are any of these left. See my public profile to get links to all my written reviews. I can even compare my PX100 and PMX100 and PMX70 if desired. And I can test them unamped, amped with a $60 penguinamp, and with a $500 Predator or Pico amp. My HD600 would be easy to review too.
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Bah! Looks like it ended - on 6/19 he posted it was ending the next wednesday.
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Give him a pm, though I think you may have lost you're opportunity. :'(
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Umm not sure what to do. I still haven't recieved my e-mails and TheDeliveryMan is not replying to my pm's. Anyone able to cast some light on what is happening.
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good post
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Originally Posted by Suntory_Times View Post
Umm not sure what to do. I still haven't recieved my e-mails and TheDeliveryMan is not replying to my pm's. Anyone able to cast some light on what is happening.
The information that was given to me was not sufficient to deliver the MX 500's. The address sent was the same one you had sent last time, and it was requested that there be a more detailed postal code.
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