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Darkvoice 332 for sale

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Purchased a few months back. I'm moving and selling most of my stuff.

It's in very good condition and I'm the original owner.

I'm asking $325. Shipping costs depending on location.

I will throw in a pair of ulaynovsk tubes as well as M8100 mullards for free so this is a pretty good deal.

If interested I'll also sell 4 more Ulaynovsk tubes as well as 4 Mullard EF95 tubes for just $35 extra. The tubes are all NOS. Haven't been used except the ones I'm including for free and I estimate they've been used just a couple of months. Total playing time on Fubar since I've owned the darkvoice (and tubes) is 3wk 1d 17 hours and I haven't used it for much else.
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Would you take a money order and ship to Manila Philippines


Best Regards  Darrell

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